12 Things Only Adults Get Excited About

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Being a kid, your life is always full of excitement. You got candy (excited), you got new toys (excited), playing outdoors (excited again). Kids get excited about pretty much everything, but as you grow, these excitement levels get lower.

This doesn’t mean that adults rarely get excited about anything. They actually just have different things to get excited about. Let’s see what those things are!

Clean Space

A clean space feels like heaven. It makes adults excited and stirs the feeling of joy. Although there are only brief moments after you finish cleaning the house, everything is pristine. A clean space makes it seem as if life, in general, even for a moment, is perfect.

Going to Bed Early

Good or bad, but it is still the most appreciated thing about adulting. As a kid, you are always forced to follow the schedule, go to bed at the exact same time every day, and wake up at the scheduled time. But being adults, there are no restrictions on your bedtime.

Getting a New Sponge/Scrubs

Getting a new sponge or a scrub is another thing that excites most adults. It’s this strange and nice feeling to use a new sponge while washing dishes. Most of you might have faced the times when your parents used sponges longer than they should have.

Canceled Plans

Making plans with your friends to go out and have some fun is one thing that makes nearly everyone excited. However, it’s not nearly as exciting as canceling those plans. Adults get excited over canceled plans as they will have more free time for themselves.

Netflix & Chill

If you ask an adult what they did over the weekend, they’ll just say: Nothing, just Netflix and Chill, which may seem boring to most teenagers or kids but brings great joy to adults.

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