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12 Things Only Adults Get Excited About

Being a kid, your life is always full of excitement. You got candy (excited), you got new toys (excited), playing outdoors (excited again). Kids get excited about pretty much everything, but as you grow, these excitement levels get lower. This doesn’t mean that adults rarely get excited about anything. They actually just have different things to get excited about. Let’s see what those things are!

1. Clean Space

Bedroom with two twin beds pushed together, headboard upholstered in green fabric, wicker and metal bedside tables and a beautiful lamp on the ceiling
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A clean space feels like heaven. It makes adults excited and stirs the feeling of joy. Although there are only brief moments after you finish cleaning the house, everything is pristine. A clean space makes it seem as if life, in general, even for a moment, is perfect. But being a parent and specifically the parent of a young child, it is quite difficult to manage a clean space for a longer time period after cleaning.

2. Going to Bed Early

Top view of young woman sleeping on side in her bed at night. Beautiful girl sleeping profoundly and dreaming at home with blue blanket. High angle view of woman asleep with closed eyes.
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Good or bad, but it is still the most appreciated thing about adulting. As a kid, you are always forced to follow the schedule, go to bed at the exact same time every day, and wake up at the scheduled time. But being adults, there are no restrictions on your bedtime. You can go to sleep as early or as late as you want and wake up on your own accord without any restriction. That said, when you get the chance as an adult to fall asleep early, it feels as though Christmas came early.

3. Getting a New Sponge/Scrubs

Cropped image of attractive young woman is washing dishes while doing cleaning at home
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Getting a new sponge or a scrub is another thing that excites most adults. It’s this strange and nice feeling to use a new sponge while washing dishes. Most of you might have faced the times when your parents used sponges longer than they should have. And old ones also start stinking after some time. Replacing it with a new one gives you excitement over it.

4. Canceled Plans

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Making plans with your friends to go out and have some fun is one thing that makes nearly everyone excited. However, it’s not nearly as exciting as canceling those plans. Adults get excited over canceled plans as they will have more free time for themselves. But anyhow, they will pretend to be disappointed over the cancellation. 

5. Netflix & Chill

CHIANG MAI,THAILAND - July 28,2018: Man holds Mobile Phone using NETFLIX app on the screen with computer laptop on wooden table.
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Doing absolutely nothing and watching Netflix is almost a constant adult mood. You have free time on yourhands; you can go and watch your favorite show on Netflix. If you ask an adult what they did over the weekend, they’ll just say: Nothing, just Netflix and Chill, which may seem boring to most teenagers or kids but brings great joy to adults.

6. Buying New Appliances

Happy young family couple buying new gas-stove in supermarket
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Appliances are, of course, one of the most important things in any home. All of us have appliances that are used on a daily base for different purposes. But adults have a different kind of excitement attached to the appliances. As an old one gets out of order, past repair, and they have to buy a new one, adults get excited about adding a new handy toy to their house.

7. Fresh Sheets

Young woman with clean bedsheet indoors. Laundry day
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Clean and fresh sheets, straight out of the laundry and dryer, are the best thing ever for adults. Sleeping on clean sheets makes you feel so comfortable that you may sleep like a baby for the rest of the night. One of the best feelings in the world is exhaustion, getting out of the shower, and getting straight into a bed with clean sheets. And changing sheets before vacations so you can return to a clean home is another best feeling.

8. Naps

Young happy man 20s wear pajamas jam sleep mask rest relaxing home with lies wrap covered under blanket duvet with look camera yawning isolated on dark blue background Good mood night bedtime
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Adults are always excited about naps. They want to nap as much as they can. As an adult, you will try to get a nap as soon as you find any free time in your schedule. It’s like a recharge time for the adults because sleeping in the warm snuggies makes you forget that you are even an adult who has to go out and face the world.

9. Knowing About Events With No Intention to Go

Eurovision Song Contest logo displayed in front of the venue of the upcoming edition of the show Turin Italy May 4 2022
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Even if you don’t intend to go, reading about local events gives you this subtle pleasure for some reason, even though you have no interest in it. “If the event is within walking-in-flip-flops distance from my house, then I might stumble over to take a quick peek, but anything that involves figuring out parking isn’t gonna happen,” one adult stated.

10. Getting Socks As Presents

Socks in box.
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It might seem boring and even bizarre to most teenagers or kids that adults love to get socks as presents. It fills most adults with excitement to get new socks. Some adults even tell people, “I want socks for Christmas, please.” Any kind of socks you want to give, just give them a fresh pair and watch their excitement.

11. Discounts & Coupons

Save money. Colorful coupons on white background.
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Getting discounted products is a dream for adults. They get excited over a few coupons because that will enable them to buy new products or home appliances. And new products, as they come home, always bring excitement over.

12. A Weekend With No Plans

Sweet idleness. Lazy young hispanic lady sit in relaxed pose on big comfy sofa at living room interior breath air dream imagine. Successful female new flat apartment buyer rest at home feel pleasure
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We all have to make plans and stick to them our whole life. But a free weekend feels amazing to the adults. A weekend where you have no plans to go out or meet anyone but just relax while staying at home. Imaging, you can get all the nap time you could want.

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