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12 of the Weirdest Potluck Dishes People Have Tried in the U.S.

The standard fare at any potluck will consist of things like potato salad, chicken salad, pasta, and chips and dip. Recently, on an online platform, Americans shared the stranger dishes they’ve seen adorning the food tables of their most memorable gatherings. These weird potluck dishes may have to do with regional differences or sometimes just a whacky aunt trying to shock people.

Apples and Beans

Baked beans in tomato sauce in a white ceramic bowl isolated on white.
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One commenter says, “The weirdest I ever saw was at a church potluck in Southern California. Apples and beans. Like, baked sweet apples like in an apple pie, mixed with baked beans. It wasn’t the worst thing I’ve ever tried. But at the same time, I was like why? What’s the point of its existence?”

Summer Rain Salad

Ugh! I won't eat this! Closeup photo of disgusted guy look side empty space negative reacting wear casual striped t-shirt isolated bright orange color background
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According to one user, a summer rain salad consists of onions and shaved almonds in vinegar. Another reader remarked, “Is it in reference to the warm tears that stream down your face as you eat it? That didn’t even sound like food, it sounds like a punishment or a dare.”

Popcorn Cake

People serving themselves Thanksgiving dinner from various different casseroles and pans
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Popcorn cake is a popular potluck food in the Midwest. It’s made from popcorn that is formed into a Bundt cake, which is held together by marshmallow fluff and candy.

Muktuk (Raw Whale Fat)

Humpback whale calf, Pacific Ocean, Vava'u, Tonga.
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This is likely something you’d only see at a potluck in an Inuit community in Alaska. One user says, “You can only harvest whale if you are Alaska Native. A family member of the person who brought it had harpooned it.”

Pea Juice Jello

Gelatin Fruit Round Mold
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“My auntie swears one old lady used to bring orange jello made with the juice from canned peas. She knew because there was always one stray pea suspended in it,” says one commenter.

Peas, Mayo, Cheese and Ham

Traditional Russian Olivier salad with chicken
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“I don’t know what you’d call it, but I was the only cousin adventurous enough to try it… And I found it embarrassingly delicious. Soon my other cousins tried and all agreed that it should not work but it was very tasty,” according to a commenter. 

Cannibal Sandwiches

Tatar sandwich with red onions and parsley on a french baguette. Closeup and front view
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One user recalls seeing strange sandwiches at a gathering, “At a wedding in August in Wisconsin: cannibal sandwiches. That’s raw hamburger eaten on crackers.” (Typically, these are served around the holidays, not during summer.)

Sardines and Sauerkraut

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“Sardines mashed into cooked brown sauerkraut. My grandfather made it and made me taste it 3 times. I told him it was still awful the third time. Years later I can still remember what it tasted like.” Sounds like something out of a creepy movie.

Litter Box Cake

Domestic ginger cat looking at litter box. Hygiene for pets.
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“My mom would make a litter box cake for every potluck that got a lot of raised eyebrows. Quite a few people refused to eat it because of how realistic it looked,” recalls one user.

Kitty Litter Cake is a dessert that looks like a cat litter box with, ah, poo on top. It’s made with crumbled cakes and mixed with pudding. Tootsie rolls are often placed on top for the poop decoration.

Squirrel Nuggets

A squirrel sits on a tree stump in the forest.
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Most people would never think they’d find squirrel meat at a party, but it can happen in some parts of the South. One commenter says, “My friend from Kentucky brought deep-fried squirrel nuggets, chewy and gamey but pretty doggone good.”

Pink Stuff

People sharing food at a summer potluck event
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For those who’ve never heard of pink or green stuff, a commenter states, “Its essentially cottage cheese sweetened with whipped cream and fruits. Pink is strawberry and green is lime (or pistachio up north). “

Snickers Salad

Closeup of chocolate,peanut and caramel bar isolated on white with clipping path
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One user got a rude awakening at a church basement potluck: “I was at a potluck last year that had what looked like a couple of potato salads. One of them looked like the skin was still on the potato chunks and had some green onions in it, so I tried that one. When I took it out, the flavors were all wrong. It was actually Snickers Salad, with chopped up Snickers and green apples mixed in Cool Whip and vanilla pudding.”

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