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14 Things That All Americans Agree On, From Boomers to Gen Z

In a time of great division and disagreement, it may seem difficult to find common ground among Americans. However, amidst the varying opinions and contrasting ideologies, there are still a few fundamental principles that unite the majority of Americans. Regardless of political affiliation, age, ethnicity, or background, there are certain values and beliefs that resonate with people across the country. In this article, we will explore 14 things that all Americans can agree on!

1. Telemarketers and Spam Emails Are All Hated

Email concept with laptop spam and virus computer monitor internet security concept, Businesswoman touch bin mail with a laptop. Spam, junk and e-marketing on screen, Spam Email Pop-up Warning.
Photo credit: Tapati Rinchumrus // Shutterstock.com

All Americans hate telemarketers, spam emails, and pop-up advertisements. Can you name one person who actually enjoys these things? According to Americans, it is a waste of time and incredibly annoying.

2. Free Soda Refills and Ice Are a Must

Sacramento, CA/USA Feb 12, 2020: Pepsi soda fountain inside Costco Warehouse food court allows customers to fill up their drinks and get free refills
Photo credit: calimedia // Shutterstock.com

Americans expect ice to be an option for their beverages and free soda refills. One commenter on an online platform said that if anyone was arguing for a free soda or ice in their drink, there is a hundred percent guarantee that he is an American. (The love of ice in drinks is not something that is shared worldwide, nor are free soda refills.)

3. Americans All Agree America Has the Best BBQ

Closeup of pork ribs grilled with BBQ sauce and caramelized in honey. Tasty snack to beer on a wooden Board for filing on dark concrete background
Editorial credit: VasiliyBudarin / Shutterstock.com

While it’s a hotly debated topic of which area of America has the best BBQ, Americans all seem to agree that the best BBQ comes from the United States. Is there another country that can compete? We didn’t think so.

4. Americans All Hate Paying Taxes

Disappointment. Young family. The man and the pregnant woman received a letter and documents. Bad news. Sitting at home on the couch
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All Americans hate to pay taxes, regardless of salary, age, sex, or type of job. And even if you don’t hate paying taxes, one American said “we love complaining about paying taxes.”

5. Corn is Not a Pizza Topping

Top down view on spatula holding triangular slice of bean and cheese pizza for Tex-Mex theme meal
Photo credit: stockcreations // Shutterstock.com

In America, you’ll find no shortage of pizza restaurants. But using corn as a pizza topping is a no-go here. No one from America will accept pizza with corn on top of it! (But some, weirdly, like pineapple as a pizza topping.)

6. Americans Love Mexican Food

Mexican food, many dishes of the cuisine of Mexico, flat lay, shot from above on a black background. Nachos, tequila, guacamole etc
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Mexican restaurants in America are very popular. Tacos, Enchiladas, Tamales, and Burritos are what almost all Americans equally love.

7. A Respected Job, Firefighter

2 firefighters spraying high pressure water to fire with copy space
Photo credit: Prath // Shutterstock.com

In America, one of the most respected jobs is a firefighter. A recent survey found 82% of Americans respect firefighters and this prestigious occupation. Kids from their childhood dream of becoming a firefighter as it is considered a hero in America. (In case you were wondering, politician was the least respected occupation by Americans in the survey.)

8. Americans are Good Helpers in Disasters

Austin, TX / USA - Nov. 19, 2020: One week before Thanksgiving, an employee of the Central Texas Food Bank transfers Disaster Relief boxes for distribution to people in need.
Photo credit: Vic Hinterlang // Shutterstock.com

If any disaster occurs, such as an earthquake, natural fire, or cyclone, Americans come forward to help the victims. They offer all possible services by spending their own money and volunteering their time.

9. Americans Love Celebrating Independence Day

High angle view of happy multi ethnic people holding American flag
Editorial credit: sirtravelalot / Shutterstock.com

July 4th is Independence Day in America. On this day, all Americans gather together to some degree. They celebrate the day with fireworks, parades, musical concerts, family galas, speeches, and food. This day is only dedicated to the nation of America.

10. Americans Love Dressing Up for Halloween

Cheerful children in halloween costumes posing with pumpkin over dark background.
Photo credit: Kiselev Andrey Valerevich // Shutterstock.com

Halloween is a famous event that Americans celebrate with warmth. Americans wear costumes and hand out candy to children. This is a holiday not celebrated widely in the rest of the world. 

11. Americans Care About the Safety of Children

asian kid crying to lost parent or live alone on sky train station in Bangkok city,Thailand
Photo credit: MR.Yanukit // Shutterstock.com

American are very conscious and help children. If any child gets lost in a mall or shop, someone will come forward to help the kid to reach his parents in America. 

12. Americans Love Potato Chips

Potato chips on a dark gray background with ingredients. Top view, copy space.
Photo credit: FotosDo // Shutterstock.com

Potato chips are a very famous snack for all people. But for Americans, it is one of the most delicious snacks to enjoy. There are unlimited varieties of chips, from sweet to savory available in the supermarkets. 

13. Americans All Love Dolly Parton

LOS ANGELES - JAN 19: DOLLY PARTON arriving to "Joyful Noise" Los Angeles Premeire on January 19, 2012 in Hollywood, CA
Editorial credit: DFree / Shutterstock.com

Dolly Parton is a songwriter, singer, businesswoman, actor, and philanthropist. Americans call her the treasure of America. Her support of African Americans and LBGTQ+ communities and donations to charities and foundations, such as the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes, makes her so likable among Americans. Can you name someone who doesn’t love Dolly Parton?

14. Americans Love Wearing Blue Jeans and Baseball Caps

Beautiful young woman with freckles in a fashionable jacket and blue ragged jeans sits on the asphalt
Photo credit: Alones // Shutterstock.com

Combining blue jeans and baseball caps is iconic for Americans. One American said, “Are there any Americans (besides like, babies and very young children) who don’t own at least one of each?”

Source: Reddit

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