12 Things Women Wear That Men Hate

Have Clothes, Will Travel

While women have more options than ever regarding clothing and accessories, it’s interesting to get a perspective from men about what they think of women’s fashion choices. Recently on an online platform, men have shared about the clothes and styles they dislike seeing women wear and why.

High Heels

Forget about the discomfort and impracticality of high heels – a fashion critic is taking a bold stand against them, insisting that women should not feel pressured to wear them to conform to beauty standards.

Oversized glasses

Big frames and oversized glasses might be all the rage, but not according to this fashion critic. They find these styles overpowering and overly distracting, preferring eyeglasses that enhance the face rather than dominate it.

Long fingernails

One man is taking a stand against excessively long fingernails, which they find unhygienic and unsettling. They argue that keeping long nails clean is difficult and that bacteria can easily accumulate underneath them.

Baggy pants

Oversized, baggy pants might be a trend, but not according to this fashion critic. He finds this style unappealing and unattractive, arguing that it doesn’t flatter any body type.

“Cold shoulder” trend

The “cold shoulder” trend might be popular, but not for this fashion traditionalist. He argues that the cutouts are unnecessary and take away from the overall aesthetic of the garment.

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