Comfortable & Cute Fall Outfit for Exploring

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Brrr…it’s cold these days! But, I’m not complaining! That means I can finally break out all of my cold weather gear I’ve been patiently waiting to wear.

This outfit was also worn as a test to see if it’ll be comfy enough for a day of exploring in Turkey. (It passed, so you’ll likely see it again.)

Comfy Boots

I’m especially excited about my new boots. I do quite a lot of walking now in Moscow, and once the snow starts flying, I needed some boots that could withstand the elements and still look cute. These fit the bill for both!


I had planned to wear lightweight tops like this one with scarves, jeans and these boots for the light hiking and ATV adventures I had planned in Cappadocia.

Bell Sleeve Lace Up Blouse

This top works great for exploring because it is nice and lightweight and is great to pair with a tank and scarf for some added warmth. I actually styled it for fall last year too.

Stylish Bag & Necklace

Oh, and before I let you go…check out the necklace above. I add ordered it in ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise sale event eons ago. I lost it before I could take a photo of it…but found it just before I came back to Moscow! I was pretty excited.

You can view the complete list of "Comfortable & Cute Fall Outfit for Exploring" by clicking the link below.