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Comfortable & Cute Fall Outfit for Exploring

Comfortable & Cute Cold Weather Outfit

Comfortable & Cute Cold Weather Outfit

Top c/o* | Boots c/o* | Bag | Jeans | Scarf | Sunnies (similar) | Necklace (similar)

Just like that, our Indian Summer has come to an end. Brrr…it’s cold these days! But, I’m not complaining! That means I can finally break out all of my cold weather gear I’ve been patiently waiting to wear.

I’m especially excited about my new boots. I do quite a lot of walking now that I’m in Moscow, and once the snow starts flying, I needed some boots that could withstand the elements and still look cute. These fit the bill for both! They’re also true to size, and they’re WARM. I wore these boots to explore a market that was about a mile walk away. They were comfy, and my feet were actually sweating by the time I reached my destination. They are lined with a fuzzy interior. (But, it’s barely above freezing today, so these boots have been perfect for that kind of weather!)

ModCloth hiking boots

Unfortunately, the market I went to was a bit of let down. It was more of a shopping mall than a market. Not like the one I visited at Izmailovsky Kremlin! Weather permitting, I’m hoping to head back to Izmailovsky Market this weekend to do some of my Christmas shopping. (But if not, I found some cool gifts for her by Eternity Rose that can be ordered online!) I’m hoping to bring back some Christmas gifts from Russia, in addition to my usual online finds. (I’m a really good online Christmas shopper, let me tell you!)

fall colors
The market wasn’t worth photographing, but at least I saw some pretty fall colors!

Anyways! This outfit was also worn as a test to see if it’ll be comfy enough for a day of exploring when I head to Turkey next weekend! (It passed, so you’ll likely see it again.) I kept forgetting to mention that for some reason. But hey, I’m heading to Turkey next weekend! (I leave Friday and will be there until Monday.) I’ll actually be in the Cappadocia region more specifically (the place with all the hot air balloons and crazy rock formations). I’m so excited!

I had planned to wear lightweight tops like this one with scarves, jeans and these boots for the light hiking and ATV adventures I had planned in Cappadocia. But looking at the forecast, I’m a bit worried it’ll actually be too warm to wear these boots! The forecast is saying we’ll have highs in the upper 60s (Fahrenheit) which is about 20-30 degrees above average for this time of year. All my planning for packing might have gone out the window, haha. Ah, well. I’ll figure it out!

Comfortable & Cute Cold Weather Outfit

This top works great for exploring because it is nice and lightweight and is great to pair with a tank and scarf for some added warmth. I actually styled it for fall last year too. (Click here to see that outfit post.) Technically, I think this top is meant to be worn in summer, but I like it for fall. And I just love these sleeves, plus it’s less than $15! (This one is also true to size, but it’s a wee bit tight through the arms on me.)

Oh, and before I let you go…check out the necklace above. I add ordered it in ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise sale event eons ago. I lost it before I could take a photo of it…but found it just before I came back to Moscow! I was pretty excited. (And I think I’ll be ordering jewelry from the Stylish Surprise sale again!)

And, I’m curious…does anyone have a pair of boots they’re excited to break out for the cold weather? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Top: c/o* Shein
Boots: c/o* ModCloth
Jeans: Old (Similar here)
Sunnies: Old (Similar here)
Bag: ModCloth
Necklace: Stylish Surprise (Similar here)


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  1. I was kind of eyeing the top when I saw it in shein but now I am convinced I need it! Hehe I totally loved how you layered it all and the boots are a highlight

  2. I can’t wait to hear about your trip to Turkey! I love the boots, and I especially love the chunky heel! They look nice and sturdy! I should be able to break out the boots soon, here in North Florida! I recently ordered a skirt from a link on your blog, I believe it was from Unique Vintage…I’ll share pics soon! It’s a London city scape, and I love it!

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