Everything You Need to Know About Chanel Vintage Bags

Have Clothes, Will Travel

If you ask me, I’d say nothing beats the timelessness of a vintage Chanel bag.  Whether we’re talking handbags, jewelry, or clothing, I’d much rather spend my hard-earned money on one-of-a-kind classic pieces over whatever is trendy right now.

In this complete guide to Chanel vintage bags, I’ll explain which ones are the best vintage options to consider, where to buy them, tips for scoring your own vintage Chanel, and how to spot a fake.

Best Vintage Chanel Bag: Chanel Vintage Flap Bag

Back in February 1955, Coco Chanel designed the original 2.55 flap bag. Then in 1983, Karl Lagerfeld introduced his take on it. The Chanel classic flap bags really took off in so many options – different quilted patterns.

Best Vintage Chanel Bag: Vintage Chanel Diana Bag

The Chanel Diana bag was made from about 1989 to 1995, and vintage hunters and Diana fans want to find it. The vintage caviar leather Chanel Diana is still the most rare and wanted version ever made.

Best Vintage Chanel Bag: Chanel Vintage Camera Bag

The bag has a zipper that goes all the way around and a long strap so you can wear it crossbody. It has a ton of space inside to fit all your stuff while keeping it secure.

Best Vintage Chanel Bag: Vintage Chanel Vanity Case

Even though the vanity case has come in different versions over the years, you really cannot beat finding an original vintage one – it’s the perfect mix of classy and useful with that old Hollywood charm.

Where to Buy Vintage Chanel Bags

What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) is a well-known reseller that’s been in the game for almost 20 years now. You also have The RealReal, Farfetch, Fashionpile, and eBay.

Tips to Spot a Fake Chanel Vintage Bag

Examine the following: logo and serial number, hardware, details, and be wary of cheap options. Know your bag and consider a professional authentication services such as Leather Surgeons or Zeiko.

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