How to Style Wide Leg Jeans in 2024 – The Best Outfit Ideas

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Learning how to style wide leg jeans is something I recommend every woman learn! They’re comfortable, versatile, and suit all body types. What’s best is that there are so many ways to style them!

From running errands, to going on date nights, wide leg jeans can be your go-to denim style and I’ll show you exactly how in this styling guide!

Blouses and Wide Leg Jeans

A classic button-down shirt is a perfect pair for your wide leg jeans. This combination offers a balance between casual and business-casual, making it ideal for a day at the office or a brunch date.

Blazers and Wide Leg Jeans

The structured, tailored look of the blazer is the perfect complement to the relaxed fit of the jeans. This combination is ideal for occasions when you want to look polished and put together.

Jackets and Wide Leg Jeans

Whether it’s a classic trench coat or a casual denim jacket, this pairing can take your wide leg jeans outfit ideas to the next level. The jacket adds an extra layer of style and sophistication, making this combo perfect for transitional weather.

Silk Blouses and Wide Leg Jeans

The luxurious feel of the silk blouse adds a touch of elegance to the relaxed vibe of the wide leg jeans. This combination is perfect for a chic office look or a sophisticated evening out.

Off-Shoulder Tops and Wide Leg Jeans

For a more feminine and flirty look, pair your wide leg jeans with an off-shoulder top. This combination shows off a bit of skin while still keeping the look classy and sophisticated. It’s a perfect look for a date night or a summer party.

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