My BRUTALLY Honest Vivaia Shoes Review: MUST-READ Before Buying

Have Clothes, Will Travel

My relationship with Vivaia shoes began in early 2021 when their affiliate marketing team offered to send me a pair of their “sustainable” Aria 2.0 flats to try.

This company smells of Greenwashing, and there are just too many red flags to give this company the benefit of the doubt. This post is going to explain why I think that, and why this company really leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Where are Vivaia Shoes from?

The Vivaia factories are based in China and the shoes are shipped from China. Vivaia shoes has a big story on their website about why they produce in China and how well their employees are treated. They provide no evidence to back this up, though, on their website.

Vivaia shoes – how long does shipping take?

Shipping to my address in the US took less than 2 weeks. (I believe it was 10 days to be exact.) So, the shipping estimates on their website are accurate in my experience.

What is Vivaia’s Return Policy? My Experience

You have to contact their customer service, which I did. It took them about a day to get back to me with the return instructions promised. After that, I didn’t hear a peep from Vivaia shoes. I had no idea if my shoes ever reached their facility,

Are Vivaia shoes true to size?

When I ordered the boots on my own and earlier this year I was sent the Aria 5 flats. I had ordered both in a size 39, which equals a size 8 in US sizes (my usual size). These fit perfectly. They ARE true to size if you just base it off your normal US size.

Verdict: Do I recommend Vivaia shoes?

This company appears to be Greenwashing, however, Vivaia is making a versatile and good-quality shoe that you will be able to wear and wash for years.

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