My Top 10 Favorite Things I Did in Japan

Have Clothes, Will Travel

“What was your favorite experience in Japan?” I’ve been getting this question quite frequently recently. Which really isn’t very easy to answer.

And a couple friends and readers have also lodged requests that I do a blog post about what my favorite tours and must-see sights were. So, here we go!

Climbing Mount Fuji

I waffled a bit on what I wanted to include in my “Top 10 List,” but I can say without a doubt that climbing Mount Fuji was my #1 favorite experience. I met so many incredible people who were just as excited as me to be climbing Mount Fuji.

Spending an Evening with a Geisha (Kyoto)

I have been fascinated by Geisha since I was a little girl and never thought I would actually get to experience an evening of performances and games with a Geisha & apprentice Geisha! It was really incredible – and fun.

A Japanese Baseball Game (Tokyo)

I’m not a diehard baseball fan by any means, but it’s hard to not have a good time at a Japanese baseball game! The level of excitement and fan participation is just phenomenal – and contagious!

Ueno Park (Tokyo)

It was one of our favorite places to visit on Saturday nights because they would have festivals going on with really yummy street food…and the Pokemon catching was really good there, haha.

Exploring Asakusa (Tokyo)

Asakusa is a district in Tokyo that also has a lot going on! It had a very unique feeling to it…I think this is because it has more buildings from the 50s and 60s than the rest of Tokyo, which made it feel older than the rest of Tokyo.

You can view the complete list of "My Top 10 Favorite Things I Did in Japan" by clicking the link below.