The 10 BEST Tips for Shopping on Shein in 2023 + How to Wash Shein Clothing

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Shein is an online women’s clothing store based out of China. They feature fast-fashion pieces…meaning, many items will look similar to pricey designer pieces but will be VERY inexpensive but also not as high of quality (obviously) as the original pieces.

At first glance, Shein’s prices seem too good to be true, and there is always a negative stigma about ordering online goods from overseas companies. Here's some shopping tips for you!

Look at Sizes for EVERYTHING & Know Your Measurements

The sizes on Shein’s website vary…A LOT. I am anywhere from an XSmall – XLarge, depending on the clothing item I’m ordering. It really does vary that much!

When in Doubt, Size UP

If you’re in between sizes on an item on Shein, and you’re not sure what to order…always size up. I have yet to have this method fail me.

Be Wary of Items that Don’t Have Customer Photos

Looking at the photos and reviews uploaded by customers can be very helpful in determining what an item will look like.

Check Shein Promo Codes

Shein is always running some sort of sale or promo code on their website. Be sure to check their homepage for the latest sales and promo codes before you checkout.

Order Several Weeks Before Any Event You’re Trying to Shop For

Shipping on average takes 2 weeks. I’ve ordered from them while in the US, Japan, Australia, and Russia.

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