The Best Colors to Go with Gold + Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

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Gold belongs to the warm neutrals alongside orange, yellow, tan, beige, and pink which makes it advantageous when building a wardrobe.

Gold is beautiful and so classic, but it can also be tough to pull off, especially if you’re used to wearing silver or white gold most of the time. If you’re ready to give gold a try, here’s how to style it with other colors:

Gold + Taupe

This neutral shade can work well with champagne gold and rose gold, as well, and is the base color for most boho-inspired outfits like floral midi dresses, smocked dresses, and shift dresses paired with boots.

Gold + Blush Pink

One of the pretty pairings that emanate a romantic and elegant vibe be it in wintertime or daytime is gold and blush pink. You can also mix different shades of pink and include gold accessories for added texture.

Gold + Turquoise

Both combinations are breathtaking and features a perfect blend of elegance and playfulness. A gold pleated skirt with a fitted turquoise top makes for a memorable outfit; you can also add a statement gold necklace with turquoise stones or accents.

Gold + Burnt Orange

A fun combination for any season, gold and burnt orange creates a warm and welcoming appearance. When thinking of an occasion piece with a flattering silhouette, a satin plunge midi dress is already a statement on its own.

Gold + Ivory (White, Cream)

While it’s reminiscent of weddings, you can go for the casual route with a gold sequin number at the top and ivory faux leather shorts at the bottom. Finish off the look with a platform wedge or sandals for a clean and sophisticated finish.

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