The Best Colors to Go with Gold + Outfit Ideas & Styling Tips

Have Clothes, Will Travel

When it comes to fashion, few things are as timeless and glamorous as a gold-themed outfit. This rich and lustrous hue can transform any ensemble into a show-stopping look and is the shade of choice for evening functions, festivals, and special occasions.

But what colors go with gold? What are the best colors to pair with this metallic marvel? This post will show the best colors to go with gold – from gold dresses to jewelry, shoes, nail colors, and more.

Gold + Peach

Similar to gold, peach shares the same warm color palettes of orange that when blended with gold, it can create a sweet, refined, and youthful vibe. The sheer crochet waistband and soft scalloping create a romantic and pastel-inspired feminine look.

Gold + Black

The overall feel is expensive and luxurious without trying too hard, and the intense contrast of the neutral black against gold is a fool-proof way to look elegant, be it in an all-black suit, Little Black Dress, or evening wear.

Gold + Emerald Green

Emerald green is such a positive and warm color that brings a little luxury into any outfit, especially when it’s paired with gold. Both colors are nature-inspired and have a regal and refreshing feel when mixed together.

Gold + Ivory (White, Cream)

A warm white like ivory is also one of the neutral colors that pair well with gold, and it tends to shine brighter as white serves as the perfect background for this.

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