The Perfect Dupe for Birkenstock Boston Clogs – 12 Affordable Alternatives

Have Clothes, Will Travel

The Birkenstock Boston clog is a true classic – it’s been around for decades and everyone loves this comfortable and versatile shoe.

It’s no wonder that there are many dupes on the market. Sometimes you need a simple clog that offers the same benefits for a fraction of the price.

White Mountain Clog

If you are looking for some Birkenstock Boston dupes that come in a selection of colors and linings then you might like the White Mountain Clogs on Amazon. They cost around $55 and they come in black, brown, and taupe suede. You can also choose faux fur or suede lining on the inside of the shoe.

Steve Madden Social Tan Suede

The white version is called cuddle white and they are made of a white shearling upper, with a white shearling lining, so you know they are comfy and toasty. You can get a pair of these comfy and stylish shoes for $70.

Time & True via Walmart

You can find a Birkenstock Boston clog dupe at Walmart. These Boston dupes are available in taupe, orange, black, leopard, cognac, and sand at an affordable price. You can pick up a pair of these Walmart exclusives for less than $15.

Cambria Footbed Clogs at Free People

Their Cambria footbed clogs come in black, sand, tennis green, and wisteria. You can get Boston dupes to color coordinate with your outfits, and unlike Birkenstock, Free People has shoes in stock!

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