Trying Out LeatherJacket4’s Yellowstone Beth Dutton Coat

Have Clothes, Will Travel

LeatherJacket4 is an online store that specializes in leather jackets. They are also interesting because they create replicas of jackets and coats that are used in movies and TV shows.

I am a big fan of channeling my favorite television and movie characters! So, when LeatherJacket 4 reached out to me…I was beyond interested in trying a coat that looked like something one of my favorite characters had worn on set.

Quick Overview of Yellowstone the Show

Yellowstone is a show on Paramount Network that stars Kevin Costner, Luke Grimes and Kelly Reilly. It’s about a ranching family in Montana who is fighting to defend their land from a variety of different people and companies.

The Beth Dutton Coat

Beth Dutton wore the coat above in season 3, episode 6. After it aired, A LOT of people were wondering where they could buy it. Now, the one Beth is wearing above is made by Lindsey Thornburg and it retails for $1,395!

The Beth Dutton Coat

However, LeatherJacket4 made this coat for a fraction of the price. Now, it’s not made from leather at all, but it’s a nice wool blend… and I think it looks pretty darn close to the original.

The Beth Dutton Coat

That being said, the price tag of $160 is still more than I would typically be willing to spend on a coat like this. This is because it’s not all that warm, and really can only be worn in fall and spring for me. It was just above freezing the day I took these photos here in Wisconsin, and I was cold by the time I was done!


This coat is shipped from Pakistan, but even though it’s shipped from so far away – it still took less than a week to reach my address in the US. I was impressed with that as well. Despite this coat costing more than I care to spend on something like this, I still was happy with LeatherJacket4. I’ll be saving it for a trip out west one day!

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