1 Yellow Cardigan Styled 12 Different Ways

Have Clothes, Will Travel

My yellow cardigan has been a staple in my closet. It’s actually become a bit of a joke with some of my friends on Instagram how often I feature it. But hey, it’s comfortable, soft, clearly very durable and VERY versatile.

I thought for this post it would be fun to take a look at the various ways I’ve styled it over the years.

Plaid Dress + Yellow Cardigan

The most recent outfit post featuring my yellow cardigan is this comfy, plaid dress! This look, paired with tights, would be great for fall weather.

Striped Top + Yellow Cardigan

Perhaps the most frequently worn outfit with this cardigan. I love pairing it with stripes!

Gingham Dress + Yellow Cardigan

My most worn dress and most worn cardigan are finally making an appearance together in this outfit. I fell in love with this gingham dress, and the cardigan worked great as the sun went down

Blue & White Skater Dress + Yellow Cardigan

I think I had actually ordered this dress and this cardigan at the same time. So, they’ve both been staples in my closet for many years!

Jeans & Heels & Yellow Cardigan

A casual weekend look! I also love how versatile these heels are. They have their own post with all the different ways I’ve styled them!

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