10 Beautiful, Classic Coats For Fall/Winter

Have Clothes, Will Travel

It’s the main reason I love fall and winter as much as I do. Wearing a beautiful, cozy coat and one of my warm scarves makes me instantly feel 10 times more stylish than I actually am.

So, I have been patiently waiting for coats to start popping up in stores….and finally! That time has arrived! This post will consist of coats I would honestly buy or have already ordered.

Once Upon a Thyme Hooded Coat

The big hood with Little Red Riding Hood vibes completely stole my heart. I waited to buy it because as I mentioned, I didn’t really have much fall or winter weather these past few years.

Ivory Colored Coats

They go with everything and look so chic. Just have to not drink coffee or red wine whilst wearing them…

Military Inspired Coats

Also a classic addition to any wardrobe. The buttons are what get me. I also love the color of this coat.

Red Wool Cape Coat

Another Little Red Riding Hood vibes from the first coat. Red may not be as versatile as white or black for a coat…but gosh, it sure is a show stopper!

Animal Print Coats

There is no denying it’s a timelessness and popularity. And this coat is nicely understated in my opinion. I could actually picture myself buying this coat.

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