10 Beautiful, Classic Coats For Fall/Winter

Have Clothes, Will Travel

I have been patiently waiting for coats to start popping up in stores….and finally! That time has arrived! It’s the main reason I love fall and winter as much as I do.

This post will consist of coats I would honestly buy or have already ordered. You’ll notice many are trench coats as there is nothing more timeless and classic, in my opinion than a trench coat.

Gorgeous Black Coat

Black is the best coat color for someone like me who tends to spill my coffee every time I drink it. (Good thing I just bought two light-colored coats, right?) Plus, black goes with EVERYTHING.

Ivory Colored Coats

They go with everything and look so chic. Just have to not drink coffee or red wine whilst wearing them…

Plaid Coat

Plaid is a new love for me. I had avoided this print all my life up until last year. I don’t know why I didn’t embrace it sooner! It’s another fantastic print for fall that certainly isn’t going anywhere any time soon.

Ladylike Pink Collared Coat

So, pink might not be everyone’s first choice for a fall/winter coat. But stay tuned! Because I just ordered this one too! And I have loads of ideas for how I’m going to style it.

Khaki Colored Pea Coat

It doesn’t get much more timeless than a khaki colored pea coat! I love that this one has a cinched waist and nice pockets…and all those wonderful buttons.

You can view the complete list of "10 Beautiful, Classic Coats For Fall/Winter" by clicking the link below.