10 Clothing Tips That Will Change Your Life

Have Clothes, Will Travel

When it comes to style and clothing tips, there are a few tried and true nuggets of advice that can make all the difference for your wardrobe!

Check out these 10 life-changing clothing tips Charlotte put together that will change your life.

Consider Classic Outfits

What truly stands out, however, is a wardrobe that has elegant necklines, a classic black dress or clothing reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn.

Research Flattering Colors

What colors compliment your skin tone? Much research can be done here to see what colors look perfect on you.

Match Clothing to Body Type

Are you apple-shaped, or pear-shaped? In other words, do you carry more of your weight on the top half of your body, or the bottom half?

Have Your Clothes Tailored

They don’t have to be necessarily tailored, as this can end up being quite costly. But at least have clothing that is fitted and to your size.

Accentuate with Details

Buy a fun purse, get some big seashell jewelry or some gorgeous dangling earrings. Invest in some colorful, comfortable shoes in a unique color or pattern.

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