14 Stores Like Hollister for Casual & Cool Clothes

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Hollister is a popular mall store featuring Cali-inspired, preppy clothing for teenage girls and guys. Hollister describes their style of clothing as “effortlessly cool and totally accessible.” They carry jeans, tops, hoodies, outerwear, & more.

Hollister’s clothing is typically reasonably priced, with many things being around $50 or less. In my experience, they are usually decent quality for the prices too. I still wear a Hollister coat (and a couple of sweatshirts) every winter, which I’ve had for 17 years now!

However, if you’re curious what other stores are like Hollister, this post is here to help. Happy shopping!

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14 Stores Like Hollister for Casual & Cool Clothes

Faux Fur-Lined Military Parka

1.) Abercrombie & Fitch

Of course, Abercrombie & Fitch is the store most like Hollister. That’s because Abercrombie and Fitch owns Hollister. They feature a similar laidback, classic vibe with their clothing and a similar price point. 

'90s Super High-Rise Baggy Jean

2.) Aeropostale

Aeropostale a.k.a. Aero is also a mall retailer that features casual clothing and accessories geared toward fashionable teenagers like Hollister. Their clothing is typically cheaper than Hollister’s but still decent quality.

AE Ripped Highest Waist '90s Boyfriend Jean

3.) American Eagle

American Eagle has a similar classic and casual style like Hollister. American Eagle makes the best jeans and jean shorts too, in my opinion. I’ve had jeans from AE that have lasted me well over a decade (and I’m still wearing them)!

PS Basics by Pacsun Cozy Waffle Baby T-Shirt

4.) Pacsun

Pacsun has the same effortless cool yet casual look going on that a lot of Hollister’s clothing has. Plus, the prices are about the same.

Wide Ribbed Top

5.) Buckle

Buckle or The Buckle features stylish casual wear for girls and guys, including jeans & shoes, plus accessories. They are most known for their great selection of jeans, though. The Buckle has 451 stores in 42 states throughout the US. Prices are pretty similar to Hollister too. 

Turtleneck Mini Sweater Dress

6.) Forever 21

Also geared toward a younger crowd, Forever 21 is a fast-fashion company that carries all the latest trending pieces for very low prices. They also have a plus + curve section and carry a men’s line, little girl’s line, makeup and haircare line. Prices on average are cheaper than Hollister’s prices.

Crop Puffer Jacket

7.) H&M

H&M has a lot of clothing options that Hollister-lovers will appreciate. Their clothing ranges from trendy to classic and everything in between.

The prices at H&M are very similar to Hollister’s as well. H&M also carries clothes for menchildren and even has an affordable home decor section.

High Rise Bridgette Skinny

8.) Lucky Brand

Lucky Brand is a trendy California jeans company that also makes super cute dresses and blouses. They also have a nice selection of loungewear. 

UO Brenan Printed Ruched Mini Dress

9.) Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has a similar look and feel to Hollister. They have a wide variety of trendy pieces but also have plenty of 90s throwbacks and casual pieces to choose from too at a similar price point.

SHEIN Solid Top & Plaid Print Cami Dress

10.) Shein

Shopping on Shein’s website is one of my guilty pleasures. They have a little bit of everything in terms of trendy clothing and accessories and the prices are SO cheap. They now have a guys section too. I’ve, personally, had great luck ordering from them. However, I’ve also put together a list of tips for shopping on Shein to ensure you have a good experience ordering from them too – click here to see it. 

Light Washed Cut Out Ripped Straight Leg Jeans

11.) Romwe

Romwe is owned by the same company as Shein and has a very similar selection of clothing. However, Romwe is geared toward a younger fashionista than Shein is. Their prices are considerably cheaper than Hollister’s too.

Medium Wash High Rise Blown Knee Mom Jeans

12.) Rue 21

Rue21 carries inexpensive clothing geared toward a younger crowd, but I do still wear many of the items I purchased from Rue21 back in the day. They have a lot of cute options! Their prices are also less than Hollister’s.

Refuge High-Rise Distressed Dark Wash Slim Straight Jean

13.) Charlotte Russe

Charlotte Russe was one of my favorite US-based mall stores when I was a teen. Charlotte Russe is geared more toward the younger crowd, and their prices are incredibly cheap. The items that I have, have held up well over the years (especially considering the price).

Men's Must-Have Collection Lightweight Terry Hoodie HOM-11

14.) Amazon

You can never go wrong with shopping on Amazon, if you haven’t quite found what you’re looking for yet. Amazon even has a section dedicated to Hollister clothing. 

Which of these stores like Hollister is your favorite? And are there any shops I missed? Let me know in the comments!

14 Stores Like Hollister for Casual & Cool Clothes

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