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20+ Awesome Stores Like PacSun for Clothing & Accessories

Searching for stores like PacSun for effortless California cool clothing? This is the post for you!

PacSun was always my go-to store back in the day for swimsuits, hoodies and graphic tees. They had the best selection, hands down. PacSun also has relatively affordable clothing, with most items being under $50.

PacSun still has a great selection of affordable swimwear and casual tops, from a variety of brands (including Kendall x Kylie) as well as their own in-house brand. However, if you’re like me and like to keep your shopping options open, then this post will help you find some great alternatives to PacSun that are all available online!

*Disclosure: some of these links are affiliate links. Meaning, if you click a link and make a purchase, Have Clothes, Will Travel gets a very small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

20+ Stores Like PacSun for Cool Clothing (2022)

1.) Urban Outfitters

UO Bella Tie-Shoulder Cami

Urban Outfitters is another favorite of mine from high school and college for casual, cool clothing. They have a VERY similar style of clothing to PacSun, with a wide variety of strappy dresses, crop tops, and swimwear. BUT, their prices are higher on average than PacSun.

2.) Volcom


Volcom is actually a brand that PacSun carries. So, it’s safe to say PacSun-lovers will appreciate Volcom. They’re a skate, surf, swimwear, and snowboarding lifestyle brand that creates durable, stylish clothing and accessories for every occasion!

3.) Quiksilver

Quiksilver Womens Organic Oversized Hoodie

Like Volcom, Quiksilver is also a brand carried by PacSun. They are also a brand based in California that features surf-inspired apparel and accessories.

4.) Buckle

Honey Dew T-Shirt HURLEY

Buckle or The Buckle features stylish casual wear for girls and guys, including jeans & shoes, plus accessories. They are most known for their great selection of jeans, though. The Buckle has 451 stores in 42 states throughout the US.

5.) Billabong

Make You Mine Tank Bikini Top

Billabong is an Australian company that specializes in surf and beach apparel. They’re most known for their durable swimwear. (I can attest to this – I have Billabong swimsuits from 10+ years ago that are still in good shape!) Billabong is also a brand that is carried by PacSun.

6.) Vans


Vans is a California-based skateboarding apparel and shoe company that PacSun fans love. Their shoes are what they’re famous for – their “Authentic” design in particular.

7.) Roxy

ROXY x LIBERTY Marine Bloom Neck Sweatshirt

I can’t write a post about stores like PacSun and not include Roxy. Roxy is one of the main reasons I shopped at PacSun back in the day. Again, PacSun carries some of their clothing – of course, you can find more options directly from the Roxy store itself. They make the best hoodies and sweatshirts, in my opinion.

8.) ASOS

ASOS DESIGN mesh crew neck short sleeve top in cherry

ASOS is a UK-based company that features a ton of trendy and stylish clothing items to choose from (their international shipping rates are cheap, though). I LOVE ASOS. They also carry a wide variety of sizes on their site, such as plus, tall, petite, maternity and more. The quality is fantastic too. Their pricing is a little all over the place, some are similar to PacSun, while other items are cheaper and some are WAY more expensive. It really varies.

9.) Aeropostale

Seriously Soft Tiny Floral Cropped Bungee Cami

Aeropostale a.k.a. Aero is an American retailer that features casual apparel and accessories. They have a great selection of tops, t-shirts, hoodies, jeans and sweaters. Their prices are similar to PacSun’s too.

10.) Zumiez

Santa Cruz Sunny Rainbow Striped T-Shirt

Zumiez is a store similar to PacSun that carries trendy, brand-name clothing & shoes, plus gear for skaters & snowboarders. They have hundreds of stores across the US and Canada.

11.) Lulus

501 Original High Rise Medium Wash Distressed Denim Shorts

Based in California and serving customers worldwide, Lulus delivers a wide variety of fabulous styles. From gorgeous dresses to cute loungewear and everything in between. PacSun-lovers will have no problem finding something they love on Lulus!

12.) American Eagle

AE Stretch Ripped Highest Waist Mom Jean

American Eagle has a great selection of cool and affordable clothing that PacSun fans will appreciate. American Eagle makes the best jeans and jean shorts too, in my opinion. I’ve had jeans from AE that have lasted me well over a decade (and I’m still wearing them)!

13.) Nasty Gal

20+ Stores Like Pacsun for Cool & Stylish Clothing (2021)

NastyGal is a Los Angeles-based fashion retailer that features hip, affordable fashion. They’re almost always running a sale, so on average, you’ll find slightly lower price tags at NastyGal than you will at PacSun. They also have a great plus-size selection.

14.) Urban Planet

Fleece Embroidered Graphic Cropped Hoodie

Urban Planet is one of the fastest-growing fashion brands in Canada. They cater to the younger crowd with a focus on the latest fashion, footwear & accessory trends.

15.) H&M

20+ Awesome Stores Like Pacsun for Clothing (2021)

H&M has a lot of clothing options that PacSun shoppers will appreciate. Their clothing ranges from trendy to classic and everything in between.

The prices at H&M are very similar to PacSun as well. H&M also carries clothes for menchildren and even has an affordable home decor section.

16.) PrettyLittleThing


Pretty Little Thing also carries trendy and affordable clothing, but they are on average a little sexier than the majority of clothing at PacSun. (They do have a nice collection of loungewear, though.) Pretty Little Thing also has a great selection of sizes in plus, petite, tall and more.

17.) Shein

Button Front Tank Top & Stripe Belted Shorts

Shopping on Shein is one of my guilty pleasures. They have a little bit of everything in terms of trendy, casual clothing and accessories and the prices are SO cheap. I’ve, personally, had great luck ordering from them. However, I’ve also put together a list of tips for shopping on Shein to ensure you have a good experience ordering from them too.

18.) Romwe

Tie Dye Heart Cut Out Cami

Romwe is owned by the same company as Shein and has a very similar selection of clothing. However, Romwe is geared toward a younger crowd than Shein is. Their prices are actually cheaper than PacSun too.

19.) Free People

Chrissy Cross Tank

Changing gears a bit, here… Free People is on average a little more boho and expensive than PacSun, but they do also have quite a few similar tops and swimsuits to choose from. PacSun also carries some of Free People’s clothing on their site.

20.) Revolve

Sirena Dress L*SPACE brand:L*SPACE

Revolve is in the same vein as Free People, they have a lot of clothing Pacsun fans will love! However, they are pricier on average and cater more to designer brands.

21.) Amazon

PacSun Women's Light Mom Jeans - 90s Throwback High Waisted Denim Jeans, Light Indigo

Amazon actually carries quite a bit of Pacsun merchandise on its site. So, if you want to take advantage of your Prime Shipping + read reviews before ordering – Amazon is a great option!

Which stores would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

20+ Awesome Stores Like PacSun for Clothing (2021)

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