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Is Nasty Gal Legit? Honest Nasty Gal Review of Clothing, Shoes, & Accessories

Are you wondering if Nasty Gal is a legit website or if it is a scam? This post is my honest review of Nasty Gal for their clothing, shoes, and accessories.

What is Nasty Gal?

Nasty Gal is an inexpensive, online fashion retailer that’s based out of Los Angeles. You may have heard of them because there was a show on Netflix called Girlboss that was based on Nasty Gal’s founder! This is also a brand that is heavily featured on social media.

Nasty Gal features a wide variety of styles on their site. You can find cute boho and cottagecore dresses to trendy and extra sexy/sparkly clubwear and crop tops.

Why I Ordered from Nasty Gal

The overall Nasty Gal aesthetic isn’t really my personal style. However, I have a bachelorette party this summer, and I am planning a trip to Vegas this fall – and I wanted to have a little fun with my outfits while I’m there. The clothing on Nasty Gal seemed like it would be perfect for these occasions! I ended up ordering:

My 1st Nasty Gal order feature a dress + boots.
My 1st Nasty Gal order features a dress + boots.

Nasty Gal Shipping Review

The Nasty Gal order I placed was over $70, so I qualified for free express shipping. My order took less than a day to ship after I placed it.

My Nasty Gal order shipped from the United Kingdom and made it to my doorstep in Wisconsin within 2 days (via UPS)! I was super impressed with how quickly that order arrived.

Please note, though, that if you do not spend over $70, then express shipping is an additional $14.99. Their “standard” shipping is also $11.99, and that takes 8-10 business days to arrive. So, if you do not qualify for free shipping – Nasty Gal’s shipping rates are pretty pricey.

Nasty Gal Sizing

As with any online brand, it’s always important to know what your measurements are before placing an order.

Clothing sizes

I am typically a size 6 or a size medium in other brands. Based on Nasty Gal’s size chart and my measurements, a size 6 would be too small for me. So, I opted for a size 8 for all of the clothing I purchased from Nasty Gal.

The size 8 fit just right with everything that I ordered. So, the sizes are consistent with Nasty Gal, in my experience. I had ordered 2 very different dresses and also a top.

Shoe sizes

I am typically a size 8 in other shoe brands (I also have fairly wide feet), and I ordered a size 8 in both the boots and the flip-flops that I ordered. Both of these shoes fit me perfectly. So, I would say Nasty Gal’s shoe sizes are true to size.

Nasty Gal Clothing Quality Review

I ordered 2 dresses and 1 blouse from Nasty Gal. I will review each item individually, because the style, quality, and prices were quite different from item to item.

Floral Chiffon Wrap Cropped Blouse

Floral Chiffon Wrap Cropped Blouse

So, I do not love wearing crop tops. It is just not my style! However, I thought this blouse was super cute, and I wanted to give it a shot.

Despite not loving crop tops, this blouse ended up being one of my favorite items out of this order.

It looks just like the product photo, and I think the quality is fantastic – especially given that it was about $30. It’s very comfortable to wear, and I’m excited to get some more use out of it this summer!

The only negative I have to say about this one is that the front of it is WAY too loose. I will be taping or pinning it shut before wearing it out and about. This is because it falls open super easily – see photo below.

Floral Chiffon Wrap Cropped Blouse
More than half the photos I took of this blouse had my bra hanging out!

That’s an issue I can easily correct with a safety pin, though. (Or maybe I’ll get ambitious and sew it shut.) So, overall this top is a winner in my book!

Floral Tie Mini Dress

Floral Tie Mini Dress

This dress is very much my personal style! And while I do really love the way this dress looks and fits, I am not as impressed with the quality of this item. The material is pretty thin, and this is one that I will be taking EXTRA care of when washing, so it doesn’t end up disintegrating on me in the washing machine.

This dress was also about $30 when I purchased it. So, again, for that price – I’m not too upset about the quality of this one. It also does look exactly like the product photos on the website.

Embellished Sequin Fringe Trim Bodycon Mini Dress

Embellished Sequin Fringe Trim Bodycon Mini Dress

Ok, so this dress is the one I was planning to wear out in Vegas. It’s pretty “out there” and has an open back that doesn’t let you wear a bra with it (see pic below). I knew this dress was a bit of a gamble because it is just not something that I would typically wear. (But hey, it’s Vegas!)

However, this dress I just can’t bring myself to wear. It’s also NOT cheap. This dress was over $100 even on sale. While I wouldn’t say the quality of this dress is bad, I just don’t think this looks like a $100+ dress. (It looked way cooler in the product photos than it does on me!) I think I am going to return this dress to Nasty Gal.

Nasty Gal Accessories Quality Review

Heart Shaped Cat Eye Sunglasses

Heart Shaped Cat Eye Sunglasses

So, I had ordered these sunglasses because I have a bachelorette party this summer where we are all dressing up as a “holiday” before we go out. The holiday I chose was Valentine’s Day! So, this is the start of my crazy outfit for that outing!

Heart Shaped Cat Eye Sunglasses

Given that these sunglasses are only $7, I am VERY happy with them. They’re comfy and fit well, and for that price, the quality is great. I would also absolutely order more sunglasses from Nasty Gal.

Recycled Fish Drop Earrings

Recycled Fish Drop Earrings

How fun are these koi fish earrings? I think they look awesome, and the quality is great. However, these earrings are SUPER heavy. I do worry that I won’t be able to wear them for very long because they are so heavy.

These earrings are only $7 as well. So, again, they are very affordable. However, the site claims that these earrings are “sustainable” because they are made of recycled metal. I question how sustainable these earrings are, though, given how low their price tag is…(it kind of smells like greenwashing to me). Read How to Shop for Sustainable Clothing for more info.

Nasty Gal Shoes Quality Review

Faux Leather Padded Toe Thong Sandals

Faux Leather Padded Toe Thong Sandals

These sandals were also a bit of a gamble, as they aren’t really my personal style. The extra padding is nice – but the shoes are pretty stiff and the toe part rubs a bit. I wouldn’t say these are the most comfortable and highest-quality sandals I have ever bought.

Faux Leather Padded Toe Thong Sandals

I think they also make my already big feet look huge! The price is also about the same as the boots (below), and the boots are WAY better quality. So, I don’t think I will be keeping these sandals.

Square Toe Heeled Sock Boot

Square Toe Heeled Sock Boot

Saved the best for last! I LOVE these boots. They are my favorite part of this Nasty Gal order. These boots were just $30, and they quality is AMAZING for that price. They are quite comfortable and fit my wide feet well too.

Square Toe Heeled Sock Boot

These boots are also super versatile. They work great paired with dresses and skirts, and will also look great in the winter paired with jeans and a sweater. I am VERY excited about these and will absolutely be ordering boots from Nasty Gal again!!

So, is Nasty Gal Legit?

Yes, Nasty Gal is a legit company and not a scam company. Quality and prices do vary on this site, though.

Returns are also NOT free. (Read the full policy, here.) You will have to pay for the postage to return an item. (For example, to return the dress and the sandals I had ordered above will cost me $4 to return.) Shipping can also be expensive unless you spend over $70 to qualify for the free express shipping.

It is also important to know your measurements before placing an order, as sizes are typically in UK sizes.

Be aware of these things before placing your order and you should have a positive shopping experience.

Thank you for reading this Nasty Gal review. If anyone has any questions about shopping on Nasty Gal or the items I ordered, please reach out in the comments at the end of the post.

Disclosure: Thank you to Nasty Gal for partnering with me on this post. As always, all opinions are my own, and I am never compensated for a positive review. This post also contains affiliate links. Meaning, if you click a link and make a purchase, Have Clothes, Will Travel gets a very small commission at no extra cost to you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible!

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  1. Well if you do keep the sequin dress, I have the bra you can wear. It’s Gatherall (and I have a discount code if you want it). It’s my favorite strapless/backless bra EVER.
    I actually think I have ordered from Nasty Gal before, but the name can be a turnoff to older women.

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