10 Current Trends That Will Make Clothes Look Dated Five Years From Now

Have Clothes, Will Travel

The only constant about fashion is its evolution. The scene changes constantly. One day you’re shopping for fishnets and skirts; the next day, that’s out, and acid-washed jeans are in. One curious fashionista asked the internet which fashion trends will date clothes in five years.

Trouser and Blazers

According to several users, Millenials’ business casual party clothes are Gen Z’s trousers and blazers. The top-voted comment thread spoke about Gen-Z’s infatuation with wearing fanciful trousers to clubs and a nice blazer over any article of clothing.

Low-Rise Jeans

Ah, yes. The low-rise jeans are not to be confused with jeans people wear low; instead, denim is crafted not to pass the hips. Denim so low you need to be careful where and how you sit. For a reason unbeknownst to me, low-rise denim is making a comeback.

High-Waisted Jeans

On the other side of low-rise jeans, we have high-waisted jeans. Denim you pull up to your stomach or chest if you want to exaggerate. A high-waisted jean enthusiast alleged these pants are best paired with form-fitting crop tops. Who knows? Will mom jeans retreat from the famous fashion scene in a few years?

Checkered, Eccentric Pattern

If you like patterned clothing, you either hate or love checkerboard. There is no in-between. You might think it’s too busy or like the ability to play chess on your own. Patterned clothing adorers and despisers were 50/50 in this thread.

Matching Sweatsuits

You’ve seen them at the gym. On the clothing rack in department stores. My favorite is seeing them in airports. Sometimes entire families dressed in matching sweatsuits get bonus points if they’re flying to Disney.

Puffy Sandals

Several people think puffy sandals serve a specific purpose. A contrasting shoe image for an otherwise tidy-looking outfit. Think about it. A nice polo tucked into a pair of khaki slacks finalized with puffy, braided strapped sandals. Your outfit couldn’t fall into the extensive catalog of forgotten fits.

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