10 Cute Loungewear Sets & Bottoms for Women That Are Available Online

Have Clothes, Will Travel

For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to share some cute loungewear bottoms and sets that are all available online

A couple of these I do own, and some are ones I’m looking to get myself. I hope you enjoy this post, and let me know where you’ve found some of your favorite loungewear pieces over the years

Elsa Woven Pajama Pants

Talk about a unique a lively print for your PJs. And these lightweight pants are made from EcoVero viscose, which is a sustainably produced fiber using pulp made from renewable wood sources.

HUE Women’s Sueded Fleece Long Sleeve Tee and Pant 2 Piece Pajama Set

Quarantine rules are airport rules. Have a drink at 9 am if you want… while wearing your mimosa PJs no less. 😉

Tommy John Second Skin Loungewear Pants

I’m also a big fan of Tommy John’s second skin pants for this reason. They’re also really breathable, and the plain black ones that I have are totally acceptable to wear outside the house as athleisure too.

Luxe Shangri-La Pajamas

How exquisite are these PJs? I love the lace details. This is the kind of PJ set you wouldn’t feel bad wearing to a Zoom meeting!

Viola Sleep Set

This is my favorite set on this whole list! I love how feminine and chic this loungewear is. This might have to be my present to myself.

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