10 Instagram Fashion Trends That Just Do Not Work in Real Life

Have Clothes, Will Travel

In social media, particularly on Instagram, fashion trends rapidly emerge. With influencers and celebrities setting the stage, it’s easy to get trapped in the charm of these trends.

However, as many have experienced, not all Instagram fashion trends seamlessly translate into real-life fashion statements. Let’s look at the candid opinions of individuals who have encountered these ill-fitting trends firsthand.

Tucked Chunky Knit: Effortless Sweater & Skirt

A savvy observer on Instagram noted the prevailing fashion fad of pairing an oversized chunky knit sweater with a form-fitting skirt, effortlessly tucking in the corner to create a flawless and streamlined appearance. It looks great in photos, but rarely stays tucked perfectly in real-life.

Instagram Trend: Jacket Cape Illusion

This user, who happens to work as a stylist/customer for multiple Instagram channels, sheds light on the deceptive nature of these fashion trends, explaining that they often require specific angles or even body doubles to maintain the illusion of functionality.

Unappealing Reality: Clear Plastic Shoes

With sincerity and personal experience, an individual expresses a strong opinion about the clear plastic shoe trend, firmly asserting that it falls flat. The user laments the unflattering squished appearance and the display of various colors caused by the strain on their skin.

Impractical: Oversized, Exaggerated Puffy Sleeves

These oversized sleeves, commonly seen on blouses, dresses, or sweaters, can restrict arm movement and make it challenging to perform simple tasks like eating, typing, or even reaching for something.

Cute Photos, Challenging Reality: Thigh-High Slits

While these garments may capture attention in photographs, they pose significant practical challenges for everyday wear. The user astutely points out the difficulty of maintaining modesty and sitting comfortably while donning such apparel.

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