11 Funny, Last-Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Halloween is the perfect time of year to take a step back and not take ourselves so seriously.

Do you want to dress up this Halloween but are short on time? This post has some funny + easy, last-minute Halloween costume ideas for the whole family!

The Board Game

Dress as one of the characters, or simply turn yourself into the board. One of my favorite examples is the Twister dress; buy it or make it yourself by pinning the floorboard or simply drawing colored circles on a dress.

The Foodie

Why not turn heads by dressing up as an iconic, oversized food item? The banana costume is a bit outdone. Try one of his favorites instead, like a hamburger or fries.

The Hot Dog

This classic comedic choice works every time with its ironic pun. Find a matching hotdog onesie for yourself in Tipsy Elves’ collection of funny Halloween costumes.

The Decision Maker

A lot of families settle on decisions with the trusted method of Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you’re a family of three, bring this game to life by putting each member into one of these costume pieces.

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