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30+ DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family!

I am super excited to be back in the United States for Halloween this year. Although, I suspect Halloween will still be a more muted affair in 2020. That isn’t going to stop me from dressing up this year, though (even if I’m just home with my family).

This year, I’d like to attempt to make my costume as well…instead of just buying it from a store. My mom would make our costumes when we were kids, and we absolutely loved them! (But if you like buying your costumes, check out this post featuring funny Halloween costumes you can buy online.)

I’m the princess wearing the hat, below. I wore this costume my mom made 3 years in a row before I switched to another variation of a princess costume! (My little brother is the cowboy on the far end and the other princess and cowboy are my cousins! Halloween was so much fun for us!)  

Lindsey of Have Clothes, Will Travel dressed up for Halloween as a princess when she is a Kid

I’ve been out of the Halloween costume game for a few years, now, though. So, I enlisted the help of fellow bloggers who have some AMAZING DIY Halloween costumes for the whole family – even your pets. There are SO many good ones for your kiddos as well! I hope you love their ideas as much as I do!

Note: Many of these DIY costumes will be much easier to do if you have a Cricut, hot glue gun and your own sewing machine.

Halloween Costume Ideas for The Whole Family!

Where’s Waldo Costume for a Family

Where's Waldo Costume for a Family

Most of the pieces for this cute Where’s Waldo Family Costume are items you may already have in your wardrobe, as it mainly consists of comfortable everyday clothing (like striped shirts & beanies)!

Firefighter Themed Halloween Costume for the Family

How to Prep Firefighter Themed Halloween Costume for the Family

Homemade DIY dalmatian costume for baby girl

How cute is this firefighter-themed costume for the family?! This idea is from blogging friend Arianny of Prep & Shine – we actually met when we were both in Jamaica for last year’s Sandals Resorts press trip!

In-N-Out Burger Group Halloween Costume 


While we don’t have any In-N-Outs by us, I still can’t get enough of this DIY In-N-Out Burger family costume by Lovely Indeed! 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Adults

DIY Mermaid Bra + Chiffon Skirt


Maxi Chiffon Long Skirt

Making a mermaid bra is not as complicated as I thought it was! Natasha does a great job of breaking down the process. Plus, she is also sharing how to make your own DIY chiffon skirt to go with your mermaid bra! (Or if you just want to buy the skirt above, click here.)

DIY Sexy Steampunk Costumes

How to DIY Sexy Steampunk Costume

Trina breaks down how to make these awesome DIY Sexy Steampunk Costumes. I absolutely LOVE the hat she created!

Easy DIY Unicorn Costume

Easy DIY Unicorn Costume

This super cute DIY Unicorn Costume is great for adults, but could just as easily work for a kiddo! 

DIY Bo Peep with Cricut


Are there any Toy Story 4 fans out there? This adorable DIY Bo Peep Costume is for you! Plus, you could just as easily make this a family costume (or a couple’s costume with a Buzz Lightyear costume). 

DIY Bride of Frankenstein Wig (Under $5!)

DIY Bride of Frankenstein Wig {Under $5!}

I am seriously blown away by how cool and inexpensive this DIY Bride of Frankenstein Wig is!! All the supplies are less than $5! 

Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Easy & Adorable DIY Scarecrow Costume

Easy & Adorable DIY Scarecrow Costume for Kids or Adults!

This easy & adorable DIY Scarecrow Costume by Christine is perfect for kiddos or adults!

Awesome Jellyfish Costume DIY

Awesome Jellyfish Costume DIY

Not only is this DIY Jellyfish costume awesome – but it’s also quite affordable to make! This is another costume that works great for kids or adults. (I’m seriously thinking of attempting this one for myself this year!)

Miss Muffet & Her Spider


This is Miss Muffet & Her Spider costume idea is seriously the cutest thing ever!

Headless Costume

Headless Costume: Full DIY Head-In-A-Jar Tutorial

This wins, hands down, for the most creative kiddo Halloween costume on this list! This DIY Headless Costume is also completed by putting a Cheese Puff jar over his head to make it look as though he’s carrying his head in a jar – it’s awesome!

Steve Irwin Costume

Steve Irwin DIY Costume

I also think this Steve Irwin costume is genius! You can use khaki clothes from your kiddo’s closet and have them carry around a stuffed crocodile… and you’ll be good to go! 

DIY Bat & Butterfly Costume

Halloween Bat Costume & Butterfly Costume DIY

How cool are these DIY bat and butterfly costumes made by Nathalie? The wings she created are gorgeous! Plus, her step-by-step guide for this DIY is easy to follow!

DIY Gnome Costumes

DIY GNOME COSTUMESGah! These DIY gnome costumes are SO cute! Plus, Mandy made them for less than $15! (Even if you’re not looking to make gnome costumes this year… I highly recommend checking out her post just to see the adorable photoshoot she did with her kiddos and these gnome costumes!) 

Minecraft Creeper Costume


I had to look at that photo for a second before I could spot the Minecraft Creeper, haha! Minecraft is a popular video game and this DIY Minecraft Creeper Costume is not only fun to make, but it’s also comfy for the kids to wear!

DIY Pirate Costume

Diy Pirate Costume – Free Pattern

This DIY Pirate Costume also comes with a free pattern! My brother was a big fan of pirate costumes growing up as well! 

Halloween BrideHalloween Bride: Costumes Kids Can Make

This Halloween Bride Costume is fun to make, plus it won’t break the bank! 

DIY Monsters Inc Shirts


Are there any other Monsters Inc fans out there? (This is seriously one of my favorite movies!) I love how easy these DIY Monsters Inc Shirts are!

DIY Lilo and Stitch Costumes

These DIY Lilo & Stich Costumes are such a cute idea for a “mommy and me” costume!

Lego Costume


This DIY lego costume is such a great idea! Plus, it’s not too difficult to make! (I can see my nephew liking this one.) 

DIY Maui Costume


Maui is a character from the Disney movie “Moana.” This DIY Maui Costume is a little more complicated than some on this list, but the end results are worth it!

Skeleton Costumes

These DIY Skeleton Costumes are great last-minute Halloween costumes… as they take hardly any time at all to make!

Miraculous Ladybug Costume


“Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir” is a superhero show on Disney (and also streaming on Netflix). It’s a great show! I love this DIY Ladybug Costume that also comes with a pattern for Cat Noir’s mask!

(Upcycled) Batman Costume

How to… Make an (Upcycled) Batman Costume

Using some old clothes in your home, you can easily create this Upcycled Batman Costume

DIY Tutu Skirt

How To Make A Tutu Skirt

You can never go wrong with a tutu, in my opinion! This DIY tutu skirt is quite easy to make too. 

DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for Pets

Now that I’m a crazy cat lady, I can’t write this post and not include a few costume ideas for your pets! I personally love the stuffed animal costume tutorial, below!

Which of these DIY costume ideas is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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35 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family! 35 DIY Halloween Costume Ideas for the Whole Family!

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