12 Current Trends That Will Make Clothes Look Dated Five Years From Now

Have Clothes, Will Travel

The only constant about fashion is its evolution. The scene changes constantly. One day you’re shopping for fishnets and skirts; the next day, that’s out, and acid-washed jeans are in.

One curious fashionista asked the internet which fashion trends will date clothes in five years.

Triangle Heels

While triangle heels are having a big moment right now, many fashionistas feel that this trend is already on its way out the door. While the heels are fun and unique, they aren’t a classic addition to a wardrobe.

Asymmetrical Zipper Jeans

This style of jeans has a zipper closure that is placed off-center or at an angle, rather than in the traditional centered position. Despite their current popularity, many commenters are already bashing this trend, calling the jeans, “Hideous. Pointless. Tacky. Awful.”

High-Waisted Jeans

On the other side of low-rise jeans, we have high-waisted jeans. Denim you pull up to your stomach or chest if you want to exaggerate. A high-waisted jean enthusiast alleged these pants are best paired with form-fitting crop tops. Who knows? Will mom jeans retreat from the famous fashion scene in a few years?

Flares Above the Ankle

AHHHH! An ankle. This trend spotlights the ankle and the feet. For jeans or pants that flare above the ankle, you have the freedom to show off shoes otherwise hidden by long pants. If you have a pair of shorter flared pants, pair them with your favorite boots or sandals.

Shapeless Blazers

According to one user, shapeless blazers reached peak popularity in the 80s due to large shoulder pads, but the blazers today have no sense of personality or shape.

Bucket Hats

I know avid hat wearers that groan at bucket hats and others who solely wear bucket hats. An anti-bucket hat Redditor remarked that bucket hats are ugly, while another user wrote that they would never place a bucket hat atop their head.

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