18 Unique World Map Gift Ideas That Are Less Than $100

Have Clothes, Will Travel

This gift guide is for the travelers in your life who love map-themed things! I am one of those travelers who can’t get enough of maps and globes. I’m in the process of decorating my home with a world map theme, and I’ve found some really cool things I wanted to share.

World Map Wallet

This world map wallet can be customized too for an extra special personal touch! And don’t worry, there are plenty of map wallet and map clutches for the ladies to choose from too!

World Map Money Jar

Sticking with the money theme… traveling requires saving and budgeting. And what better way to make that a little more fun than with a travel-themed money jar?

World Map Skirt

As the proud owner of a very similar map skirt, I highly recommend this as a gift! This is one of the most-complimented clothing items in my wardrobe.

World Map Earrings

I also own these map earrings. I’ve had them for over 5 years now, and they’re still some of my most worn pieces of jewelry.

You can see the complete list of unique world map gift ideas for less than $100 by clicking the link below.