20 Stores Like Ann Taylor for a Polished Look

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Even the simplest jacket or blazer can turn a whole outfit around. Knowing a brand that specializes in a polished style is one way to get started, and brands like Ann Taylor help you achieve this under any circumstance.

Searching for stores like Ann Taylor with a chic timeless aesthetic that is perfect for any occasion? This post has you covered with all the top places to shop with a similar style to Ann Taylor.


Established in 1947 for women, Talbots offers classic and timeless clothing for women of all ages and sizes and has somewhat garnered cult status when it comes to career wear.

Banana Republic

A popular travel-themed clothing store known for its safari-inspired clothing, eyewear, and accessories, however, Banana Republic evolved into a go-to brand for utilitarian and preppy styles.


Chico’s aesthetic is characterized as relaxed and effortless featuring flowy fabrics, loose silhouettes, and a mix of neutral and bold colors.


Madewell’s comfort and simplicity in its clothing make it a sartorial winner to the younger crowd. The brand’s style is a mix of classic and modern designs that are always casual and on-trend.

Old Navy

A popular American apparel brand that offers affordable and comfortable clothing for men, women, and children. Their collection is family-friendly and appropriate, especially on days when you want to dress down while looking put together.

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