20+ Stores Like Brandy Melville for Cool & Affordable Clothes

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Brandy Melville is a trendy clothing and accessories brand that has that effortless-carefree-California vibe, even though it’s a European company. They have a cult following and are incredibly popular with teens. Their prices are also incredibly affordable.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters has a very similar look to Brandy Melville. They have a wide variety of trendy pieces but also have plenty of 90s throwbacks and casual pieces to choose from too.

Forever 21

Also geared toward the younger fashionista, Forever 21 is a fast-fashion company that carries all the latest trending pieces for very low prices.


Boohoo is a UK-based company that carries tons of trendy and affordable pieces (and they ship all over the world).


Pacsun has the same effortless cool yet casual look going on that a lot of Brandy Melville’s clothing has. Plus, the prices are about the same.

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