45 Top Designer Brands in 2023 for Clothing, Bags, Shoes, & Jewelry

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Nothing compares to the feel of high-end fashion—from unique styles and flattering fits to high-quality fabrics that will last you a lifetime.

From producing the best luxury handbags, and artisanal jewelry, to vegan coats and power suits, here’s a mix of the top luxury designer and contemporary designer brands you need to know.


Known for its stylish designs, luxury textiles, and unique embroidery, Gucci is the epitome of fine Italian artistry.

Saint Laurent

Founded in 1961 by Yves Saint Laurent and his partner, Pierre Bergé, Saint Laurent is known for its androgynous styles that evoke French glamour. The brand is big on youth culture with designs often embodying a mix of modern punk with luxury.


Hermès is a luxury provider of high-quality leather goods with many international partner brands including silversmith label Puiforcat and crystal manufacturer Saint-Louis. Hermès’ most iconic items are the Birkin Bags designed in various high-end leather materials and colors.


Chanel’s signature classic designs include the gold chain with the brand’s insignia, boucle tweed, and quilting seen in its RTW collection, accessories, and other luxury goods.

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