Aviator Slim Skinny Fit Travel Jeans Review

Have Clothes, Will Travel

When it comes to traveling, comfort is the name of the game. Jeans do not normally fall into comfortable travel attire for me.

For this post, I received two pairs of Aviator jeans in different colors. I’ll share my thoughts on both in the review, below.

The Fit

These skinny jeans have a good stretch to them, but they didn’t lose their shape by the end of the day. This is especially important for travel, as I need to be able to wear them more than once without them stretching out.


The 5 pocket design is great – and I LOVE that these pockets are actually big enough that I can fit my phone or passport in them. There is also a hidden zipper pocket in the back, that I’ll show in the other color jeans.

The Quality

My initial impression of these jeans is that they are of high quality. They certainly feel more durable than my other favorite skinny jeans. So, overall, I am very impressed. *Update: I have had these jeans for over a year now. After washing and drying them at least 15 times, they still look new.


I can say that out of any pair of jeans I own, these do breathe the best. However, I’m not convinced these will be as breathable as my hiking pants when it comes to long travel. I will update this, though after I wear them on my flight next week!

The Verdict on Aviator Jeans

Overall, I am very impressed with these jeans! They are comfortable, fantastic quality and I like that they have normal-sized pockets. They are still jeans, though…so, they don’t breathe as well as my hiking pants when it comes to these long haul flights I tend to take.

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