Backyard Living: 5 Steps for Creating a Cozy Outdoor Living Space

Have Clothes, Will Travel

With not being able to travel this summer, my husband and I have been doing a lot of backyard living to escape our home offices. Our outdoor living space really came a long way since we moved in!

I’ve been working on making this a more inviting space all summer long and thought I could share the process and a few tips to create your own comfortable patio area.

Find Comfortable Seating

Of course, the most important part of creating a comfortable outdoor living area is to find some comfortable outdoor seating.

Get a Few Pillows, Blankets, Rugs

Small touches, such as outdoor pillows, a couple blankets and a rug can really elevate your backyard living setup!

Get All the Green Plants

Usually, when it comes to decor, I’m all for “less is more.” However, when it comes to living plants… more is more. They add so much life and visual interest to an area.

Put Up Some Additional Lighting

Whether this is hanging string lights, getting outdoor decorative lanterns or ground solar lights – having lighting outside can really set the mood for your backyard living space!

Decorate With Unique Pieces of Decor That You Love

Find some fun little pieces of decor for conversation pieces around your patio. Whether it’s interesting plants, rocks, knick-knacks, candles – you name it!

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