Behind the Scenes of a Flying Dress Photoshoot: My Honest Experience with Exclusive Photos & Videos

Have Clothes, Will Travel

So, this is pretty much exactly as it sounds. It’s a photoshoot that involves a dress that looks as though it is “flying”/artfully blowing in the wind.

This post is my honest experience doing a Flying Dress Photoshoot (and video shoot) in Santorini, Greece. I’ll be sharing everything you need to know before you book a shoot, how to prepare, what to expect, and if it's worth it.

How Does a Flying Dress Photoshoot Work?

Every company will provide dresses for you to choose from as part of the cost. The flying effect is achieved by a photo assistant throwing the dress for the model, and then quickly stepping out of the shot, as the photographer snaps photos. It makes for some surreal photos!

How Much Does a Flying Dress Photoshoot Cost?

This is going to vary depending on the company you choose and the package you choose. Expect the base price for a dress rental and photographer, rights to the photos, and assistant to typically be in the neighborhood of $400.

My Experience With a Flying Dress Photoshoot

Out of all the Flying Dress photo services in Santorini, I chose Flying Dress because of their great reviews, and the dress color they had available. You also get to choose the package, the location on Santorini, and the time of day you want to have the photoshoot.

Posing for the Flying Dress Photos

It felt wild having this whole team following me around and taking photos and videos of me. Is this what celebrities feel like? Another important thing to keep in mind is to try to keep your chin up, shoulders back, and your neck elongated when doing your photos.

Is a Flying Dress Photoshoot Worth It?

This Flying Dress Photoshoot in Santorini really blew me away! I truly felt like a princess, and I am so excited to have these photos for my website. You won’t regret doing a Flying Dress Photoshoot – especially in a beautiful spot like Santorini.

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