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12 Safety Precautions Solo Travelers Must Take While Traveling

Traveling solo can be an exhilarating and liberating experience, allowing you to explore new destinations at your own pace. However, it’s important to prioritize safety while embarking on solo adventures. Let’s look into the insights shared by experienced solo travelers who have taken various precautions to ensure their well-being on the road. 

1. Trust Your Instincts: Be Aware of Surroundings

low angle and full length asian girl backpacker is gazing into the distance while wandering around at Yasaka dori near Hokanji Temple in Kyoto, japan at dusk.
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In a compelling narrative, one user passionately emphasizes the utmost importance of situational awareness while embarking on solo travel adventures. They eloquently stress the significance of tuning into one’s instincts and intuition, acting as the guiding compass when detecting any inkling of suspicion or potential danger. 

2. Separate Cash and Cards for Safety

Credit cards in leather wallet on wooden background
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With a practical tone, another user takes a straightforward approach in explaining the safety measures they diligently undertake when venturing solo. They provide astute advice on safeguarding finances, suggesting separating credit cards and cash from other belongings. This astute voyager recommends ensuring access to funds while moving and preparing for unfortunate incidents such as theft or loss. 

3. Prepare for Safe Travel: Familiarize with the Area

Young woman planning vacation trip and searching information or booking an hotel on a smart phone and laptop, Travel plan concept
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Reflectively and thoughtfully, another nomade shares wisdom acquired from personal experiences. They emphasize the importance of pre-travel research and familiarization with the destination. With meticulous detail, they encourage fellow adventurers to plan and gain insights on recommended areas to visit and, equally crucial, those to steer clear of. Additionally, they advocate for accommodations near safer regions, alongside engaging with local experts for guidance.

4. Travel Light and Low-Key: Avoid Flashy Items

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A pragmatic traveler adopts a straightforward and no-nonsense tone, emphasizing the necessity of downplaying material possessions while traversing solo. Their sage advice revolves around substituting expensive accessories with more affordable alternatives to minimize attracting undue attention. Moreover, they advocate for traveling light and leaving unnecessary cards and non-essential belongings behind. 

5. Secure Valuables: Lock Up Jewelry and Small Items

Steel safe with money. Hand putting password in the safety money box in hotel room
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In a cautionary and empathetic tone, another wanderer shares a personal anecdote that serves as a reminder to fellow globetrotters. They openly admit their own oversight in leaving valuable jewelry unsecured, highlighting the unfortunate reality of missing or stolen items. With compassion, they stress the importance of being proactive in protecting one’s valuables, especially when recovery proves challenging. Their sincere words resonate with the reader, urging them to exercise caution and vigilance.

6. Safety First: Share Location, Beware of Strangers

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When advising fellow wanderers, an individual adopts a sharp and safety-conscious tone. With an unwavering determination, they stress the significance of personal safety by strictly guarding personal information and avoiding interactions with strangers, particularly when traveling alone. Their tone holds a sense of responsibility and self-preservation, encouraging others to prioritize their well-being above all else.

7. Stay Alert: Put Down Your Phone and Earbuds

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Another tourist shares an invigorating call to action, advocating for heightened awareness during explorations. They firmly assert the importance of detaching from technology, putting away cell phones, and removing earbuds to immerse oneself in the surroundings fully. 

8. Traveling with a Dog: Deter Robbers

Young woman traveling with dog. Girl in fedora hat and backpack sitting on log with Hungarian Vizsla and watching mountain waterfall in forest. Girl and her pet hiking and have a rest near lake.
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Compellingly and intriguingly, another voyager narrates an incident that unfolded during a road trip with their trusty canine companion. They recount a heart-stopping moment where their dog’s barking startled and deterred a potential robber, causing them to flee. With an air of excitement, they suggest the unconventional safety measure of having a video of a barking dog readily available or bringing along a furry companion to thwart potential threats. 

9. Solo Travel Comfort: Splurge for Peace of Mind

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Another discerning and solo traveler reflects upon their approach to accommodations, expressing the significance of peace of mind and convenience. With a touch of indulgence, they share their inclination to splurge a bit more on accommodation options while traveling alone. Doing so alleviates concerns about returning late to the hotel and ensures a sense of safety. 

10. Solo Travel Planning: Prepare for Reception Issues

Aerial view of man planning the trip with map
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A meticulous solo traveler recounts the challenges faced when embarking on solo trips in areas with limited or no cell phone reception. They adopt a methodical tone, stressing the need to plan and prepare for such situations meticulously. Through clear and concise instructions, they underscore the importance of taking screenshots of GPS directions and maps, enabling access to essential information even without internet connectivity. 

11. Share Your Plans: Keep Others Informed

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With a gentle and caring tone, someone underscores the significance of sharing travel plans with a trusted person back home. They express the natural excitement one feels when discussing their itinerary and the conscious effort they make to inform a reliable individual about their intended destinations. 

12. Avoid Tourist Traps: Research, Stay Savvy

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One solo roamer adopts an astute and discerning tone while imparting advice on navigating touristy areas. They draw upon their own experiences, cautioning fellow adventurers about potential scams and overpriced offerings. Through shrewd observations, they advocate for thorough research beforehand, equipping oneself with the knowledge to make informed decisions and avoid unnecessary expenses. 

Source: Reddit

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