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7 Things To Know Before Floating in the Dead Sea

A young women with short brown hair and sunglasses floats in a body of water, surrounded by other tourists. Her head, shoulders, and feet are floating above the Dead Sea water, and she's looking over her shoulder, smiling.

Floating in the Dead Sea is one of the highlights of my trip to Israel. Heck, it’s one of the cooler experiences of my life. Because the Dead Sea has such a high salt concentration, you literally float in it. It’s incredible! I read a lot of different articles on it before I went, but it still didn’t prepare me for it. I think it’s the closest I’ll ever get to weightlessness!

Before you embark on this adventure, though, there are a few ways to make your experience a little more enjoyable! I’m glad I followed them (and my husband broke a few and regretted it, haha). Be sure to at least take these into consideration before you go!

7 Things To Know Before Floating in the Dead Sea

1.) Wear an Old Swimsuit

This is one I lucked out on. I didn’t realize it until we arrived and were talking to some of the folks here – but it’s a good idea to wear an old swimsuit when swimming in the Dead Sea. Due to the high salt concentration, it can strip the color of your bright, new swimsuit! My polka dot bikini has been through a lot over the years, and fortunately, I didn’t notice any discoloration. But, it’s definitely worth taking into consideration before you jump in!

A man and woman pose together on the shoreline of the Dead See - an expansive body of water with mountains in the background. They're standing in ankle-height water. Other tours stand in the water behind the couple.

2.) Don’t Dunk Your Head Underwater in the Dead Sea

My husband found this one out the hard way…you will regret dunking your head in the Dead Sea! Your eyes will burn – even if they are closed! Plus, it’ll tangle however much hair you have on your head. There are even signs (which we noticed after the fact) saying “don’t submerge your head.”

A man stands at the shoreline of the Dead Sea, with the expansive body of water behind him. He's wearing red and white Budweiser Beef shorts, and has mud smeared on his arms, upper body, and face. His eyes are squinted in the sunlight.

3.) Drink Lots of Water Before Floating in the Dead Sea

Again, the high salt concentration can dehydrate you. While it’s tempting to grab a beer and hit the beach – don’t forget to hydrate!

A man holds a large chunk of natural sea salt pulled from the Dead Sea in his hands.
Look at all of that salt! We grabbed this hunk of salt just off the shore.

4.) Slather on the Dead Sea Mud

Grab handfuls of that Dead Sea mud and coat yourself in it! Then, go ahead and rinse off. It’s said to have healing properties…and at the very least, it’ll make your skin silky smooth.

5.) Don’t Wear Jewelry

Like wearing a new swimsuit, wearing your jewelry in here will wreak havoc on it!

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A stunning landscape photograph of the Dead Sea and surrounding mountains. Tourists line the shoreline and wade into the waters of the Dead Sea. The sky above is light blue and slightly hazy.
The Dead Sea -Don’t wear your jewelry in here!

6.) DO NOT Shave Before Floating in the Dead Sea Waters

If you have any kind of knick or cut or razor burn you WILL feel it. And depending on your tolerance for this type of pain, it’s best to just avoid shaving. I didn’t shave for two full days before this dip in the sea. (Don’t look at these photos too closely!) I had a couple little cuts on my foot, though, and it wasn’t the worst pain by any means – more just irritating. (But again, it depends on your tolerance!)

A woman with short brown hair and sunglasses floats in the Dead Sea. Her feet, shoulders, and head float above water, she appears to be sitting in the dense, salty sea water.

7.) Don’t Get Your Camera or Phone Wet

Keep your electronics on dry land! The saltwater will also do some damage to your phone or camera if you drop it. Even using a GoPro can be tricky, as the salt will leave a residue over the lens. If you want your photos in the Dead Sea – have someone take them from shore.

A photo of the shoreline and beach of The Dead Sea. Tourists wade in the water and fill the beach. Rocky landscape rises in the background against a hazy blue sky.

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  1. Fantastic article! I hadn’t though of any of these! This makes me want to go to Israel really badly!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I think it would be similar to a float tank experience, but au natural! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good tips! I probably wouldn’t have thought of them! What a neat experience!

  4. Wow…the things I’d never think about!! So you even took off your wedding ring? I never think to take it off!!

    1. Yes, I took that off too! My husband and I went in one at a time, so someone would always be by our belongings. I was really paranoid about leaving my ring and camera on shore!

  5. I would love to visit the Dead Sea someday. This is such good advice. I would have never known to not shave. Also, an old swimsuit is such a good idea. I’ve ruined new swimsuits in dirty lakes before.

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