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What I Wore to Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan)

What I Wore to Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan)

I took a risk with what I wore to float in the Dead Sea while we were in Jordan. If you remember my blog post about the Dead Sea from when we were in Israel, you’ll know that wearing such a light-colored or brightly-colored swimsuit is risky business!

The reason you wouldn’t want to wear a brightly colored swimsuit…or ya know a red and white swimsuit is because of the high salt content in the Dead Sea. It’s one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water with 33.7% salinity – on average, ocean water is only 3.5% salinity!

Floating in the Dead Sea!
All that salt! That’s why you float!

All of this salt can fade your new brightly colored swimsuit like nobody’s business. However, I was on a mission to prove that my other Esther Williams swimsuits could hold up to the oh-so-dangerous-to-swimsuits Dead Sea! And this one DIDN’T fade one bit. Both of my Esther Williams swimsuits survived the Dead Sea no problem!

*I’ve also done an entire post on why I love Esther Williams swimwear so much here + a bunch of different adventures I’ve worn them on! They are incredibly high-quality swimsuits! And no, I’m not sponsored by them. I just really like their swimwear!
What I Wore to Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan)

Another reason, though, of why you wouldn’t want to wear a lightly colored swimsuit…is because you’re going to be slathering yourself in black mud.

However, I was super careful and didn’t get any of the mud on my swimsuit! That being said, when you come to the Dead Sea…it’s a better idea to wear a black or dark-colored swimsuit for this reason. That mud could have really have done a number!

dead sea
I didn’t go too crazy with the mud, though…

At the Dead Sea Spa Resort in Jordan, they provided this lovely mud for us. But if you remember from my last Dead Sea post in Israel, we were actually scooping the stuff out of the bottom of the sea and slathering it on. It wasn’t as dark in color either – so, that’s why I was a little bolder in my swimsuit choice. (I thought I knew what I was doing!) The bottom of the sea here, though, was filled with little pebbles and no mud to speak of.

What I Wore to Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan)

For this reason, it was also a good idea to wear flip flops. Those pebbles were hot and not terribly comfortable to be walking around on barefoot! My Hari Mari flip flops also held up remarkably well, despite the hell I’m sure all of the salt put them through!

My flip flops are quite durable too!
My flip flops are quite durable too!

As I mentioned in my last Jordan post too, it’s totally fine to wear whatever kind of swimsuit you are comfortable in when you are staying at a Dead Sea resort. I’m only wearing a one-piece because I happen to like vintage-inspired swimwear – not because you need to make an effort to dress modestly while floating in the Dead Sea! A bikini or Speedo is totally fine at the resorts here.

What I Wore to Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan)

What swimsuit would you wear for the Dead Sea? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Swimsuit: Esther Williams
Flip Flops: c/o* Hari Mari (Size up a full size!)
Earrings: Etsy
Hat: Nordstrom (Similar here & here)
Sunglasses: Similar here

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What I Wore to Float in the Dead Sea (Jordan)
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  1. This was an interesting post, Lindsey! I loved that you did go bold with the swimsuit choice even though you suggested not to do it for others. But, who listens to their own advice, right? Looking forward to reading more from your blog! 🙂

  2. That’s so interesting how the saline would fade the swim suit!! I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    1. I think any amount of salt or chemical can contribute to fading overtime – but with SO much of it in here, it can really be a problem if you have a new bright swimsuit you’d rather keep looking new for longer than one wear, haha.

  3. I would love to visit the Dead Sea! I didn’t know salt could fade swimsuits this is good to keep in mind. This brand sounds so good, I will have to check it out.

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