Best Louis Vuitton Dupe Bags: The Ultimate LV Dupe Guide

Have Clothes, Will Travel

If you’ve always wanted to buy a Louis Vuitton bag, but just can’t justify the price, this ultimate Louis Vuitton Dupe guide is perfect for you!

Here are the right best Louis Vuitton dupes for a fraction of the price. Get your Louis Vuitton fix without buyer’s remorse.  These inspired bags prove you can be sensible and stylish at the same time.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull Dupe: Walmart Brown Checkered Tote

Check out the Brown Checkered Tote Shoulder Bag from Walmart that features the same brown and tan checkered pattern and gold hardware as the Neverfull, but is only $26 instead of over two grand.

LV OnTheGo Tote Dupe: Mila Kate Top Handle Satchel Bag

While not genuine leather, this LV-inspired bag has the same gold hardware and pocket style as the pricey original.  Walmart even sells the Mila Kate satchel in medium and large sizes, so you can choose which fits your needs.  And the price? Just $49.95. Now that’s a steal!

LV Bucket Bag Dupe: NEONOE Bucket Shoulder Bag

The dupe has that classic monogram pattern, a drawstring top, and a shoulder strap just like the LV. The listing even has multiple colors that match LV’s options, like white/nude and brown.  For just $24, this LV dupe replicates the iconic bucket almost perfectly.

Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Bag Dupe: Mila Kate Crossbody Bag

It looks nearly identical and costs only $49.95! It has the two-tone colors, gold hardware, a black handle, and the clasp in front, just like the Pochette Metis. Highly recommend you check out this LV alternative.

LV Keepall Bandouliére Luggage Bag Dupe – CHENFANS Leather Large Capacity Weekend Bag

Whether you’re flying somewhere or just packing for a weekend getaway, this affordable luxury luggage lets you strut through the airport looking stylish without breaking the bank at only $43.

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