Femme Luxe Quality Review: Are Their Clothes Built to Last?

Have Clothes, Will Travel

I recently had the opportunity to try 4 different pieces of clothing from online retailer Femme Luxe. I was rather skeptical at first, and the website seemed a little sketchy. However, I’ve had great luck ordering from some overseas companies that have rather “sketchy” websites. So, I decided to give it a go!

This post will be my honest opinion of the clothing pieces I received – but please note that I have only worn each item of clothing for a short period of time, so I can’t attest to the durability of the clothing just yet.


The quality is similar to that of other fast fashion companies. The pieces are incredibly inexpensive, so the quality is not incredibly high. Many of the pieces on this website are almost identical to Shein, however, Femme Luxe’s prices are even lower than Shein’s.


Femme Luxe is catered to UK customers. So, if you’re from the UK, the shipping can be as quick as the next day! And the shipping can be free or very inexpensive. However, if you’re outside the UK, shipping is around $13 and can take a little over a week.

Fitted T-shirt

The description wasn’t kidding when it said this is a “fitted” tee! It’s a little more tight than I like, but I could have easily avoided this by ordering up a size.

Sweater Dress

I was most excited about this sweater dress as it is the closest item to my normal personal style. (Then I even featured it in my home decor post here.) I do like this sweater dress. However, I’m not convinced this is going to hold up very well. It’s the poorest quality by far out of all the items I was sent.

Snakeskin Dress

I am not usually a fan of animal print, but I have really been loving all the snakeskin pieces I’ve been seeing lately! So, I had to give this dress a try. It is very stretchy and comfortable! I was actually shocked at how well I liked this dress, my husband was even a fan of this one too. (+ It’s only about $5!)

Do I Honestly Like the Clothing?

The clothing on the Femme Luxe website is, on average, far sexier than the norm for me! I wouldn’t order most of the pieces on there. However, as far as the clothing I received – I did really enjoy the snakeskin pieces and have a feeling I’ll be featuring at least the jacket again.

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