Is Chicwish Legit? HONEST Chicwish Review 2024: MUST-READ

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Chicwish is a site I was first introduced to when I started my blogging journey over 9 years ago. The style and prices on Chicwish were similar to the clothing I was buying from ModCloth.

I’ve been wearing and testing Chicwish products for the last couple of years to put together this honest Chicwish review post and will break down whether or not Chicwish is legit and lives up to the Instagram hype.

What is Chicwish? Where is Chicwish based?

Chicwish is an online shop that features women’s clothing and accessories. Chicwish is based in China and your order will come from China. The average dress price is around $60 (though, you can always find a coupon) and their outerwear is around $90.

How long does Chicwish shipping take?

For one of them, I used their “USPS First-Class” option and for one I used their “DHL EXPRESS” option. The first one took 17 days while the latter took 21 days. Even if you pay for the fast shipping – it may still take up to 2 weeks for your order to leave the warehouse in China.

What is the Chicwish Return Policy?

Chicwish has a simple return process and it now has free returns and free exchanges on its website for the U.S. You just have to return your order within 30 days from the date your order shipped to you, with the tags still attached for a full refund.


When I saw this similar chiffon dress by Chicwish, that was only $60 I had to have it! The sizing is accurate, I ordered a medium in this and it fits well. It is cut beautifully and the subtle print is amazing. It’s various wildlife scenes with elephants, ostriches, tigers, etc.

Chicwish Outwear

The coats I have from Chicwish are warm, thick, and are great quality. The sizing chart is also accurate. There are some details for each individual coat there are worth noting in the reviews, below, though.

Is Chicwish Legit? My Verdict on Chicwish

Chicwish is an absolutely legit company that is not trying to scam you in any way shape or form. Things to note, though, with Chicwish – outerwear and tops seem to be where they excel. Skirts are a bit of a mixed bag, but fortunately, returns are free. Dresses and earrings are other things I have had really good luck with so far. Pay attention to their sizing charts for each item, though, as sizes vary!

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