Is Light in the Box Legit? Honest LightintheBox Review: MUST-READ Before Ordering

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Wondering if Light in the Box is legit? This post is my honest review of Light in the Box for clothing, shoes, and accessories.

I’m breaking down their clothing quality, what their shipping is like, their return policy, and more.

Light in the Box Shipping

From the date I placed the order, it took the first package 14 days to reach me at my address in Wisconsin. The second package arrived a day later, so it took 15 days total to reach me.

Light in the Box Return Policy

The Light in the Box return policy is pretty terrible. If you order from Light in the Box, just assume you’ll be keeping whatever item you ordered. This is because you only have 7 days to return an item if you don’t like it AND you’re responsible for paying the shipping fees.

LightintheBox Shoe Quality

The Light in the Box bow heels I ordered years ago I would say are actually quite good quality. I can walk just fine in them but they aren’t the most comfortable heels I own by any means and they aren’t even a little bit breathable.

Light in the Box Dress Quality and Sizing

It DOES not fit across my bust. So, their sizing chart was NOT accurate for this dress. I have a 34″ bust, and this dress in a size small was supposed to fit a 35½” bust.

Crew Neck Midi Dress

This is a unique dress that is really comfortable to wear and fits me well. However, for the price tag, I don’t think it’s worth it. This dress is nearly $50, and I don’t think it looks like a $50 dress in person.

Verdict of Dresses on Light in the Box

Based on the dresses I have, I would not recommend Light in the Box. They are terrible quality, most of them don’t fit me, and you can get way better dresses for just a few dollars more on Shein or Amazon.

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