Marchesa Notte Dress Review – Is it Worth the Price?

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Marchesa Notte is the sister brand of Marchesa. This American brand is loved by celebrities and has designed dresses for the likes of Cate Blanchett, Scarlett Johansen, Jennifer Lopez, and more.

The dresses feature a vintage flair and timeless style. Marchesa is very much my personal style, so I was quite excited to try them for myself.

Marchesa Notte Quality

I have had this dress for a couple of months but didn’t get to properly wear it until my trip to Florida. The details on this dress are divine – I love the necktie and the balloon sleeves. This is a dress that even my now numb-to-my-style choices husband was impressed by.

Marchesa Notte Sizing – Is it true to size?

So, I am typically a size 6 in most brands. However, after looking at the Marchesa Notte size chart, it looked like I should order this dress in a size 4. The size 4 fits perfectly, and I would not want this any bigger.

Versatility of Marchesa Notte Dresses

Marchesa Notte dresses are definetly more “occasion” dresses than every-day dresses. This isn’t a dress I would be wearing out for a day of running errands. They are perfect to be worn as wedding guest dresses, or for a baptism, bridal shower, special dinner – really any special event.

Verdict: Are Marchesa Notte dresses worth the price?

In terms of the quality and fit – I do think that Marchesa Notte is warranted in the prices they have listed for their dresses. This is one of those dresses in my closet that stands out far above the rest.

Verdict: Are Marchesa Notte dresses worth the price?

Bottom line: if you’re looking for a high-quality, timeless occasion dress – you can’t go wrong ordering from Marchesa. Just be sure to double check the size chart.

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