Have Clothes, Will Travel

How ModCloth’s FitShops Work // Featuring ModCloth Washington, D.C.

Usually, when you go to a clothing store, you wander around, try some things on and then purchase them. Given that ModCloth is a fun, online retailer, that’s not exactly how your shopping experience is going to go here – not that that’s a bad thing.

While you can certainly wander into a ModCloth store and look at their super cute merchandise…you won’t actually be able to buy the items in the store. Let me explain how this works…

Make an Appointment with a ModCloth Stylist

To get the most out of your ModCloth shopping experience, you should make an appointment ahead of time with a ModCloth Stylist. 

Chat With Your Stylist + Shop Around

You’ll then get a little notepad to write down your favorite items. Then, you and your stylist will put together a whole bunch of outfits to try one! Let the fun begin!

Try It All On!

Then comes the fun part…you get to try everything on! Your stylist will hand you the outfits they put together, and they will also be more than happy to offer any opinions and suggestions.

Place Your Order or Add to Your Wishlist

Once you’re done trying on your outfits, you and your stylist will chat a little more about what you liked and didn’t like. The big perk of shopping in store is not only getting to try things on before you buy, but you’ll also get free express shipping .

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