Tips for Traveling to Tropical Destinations

Have Clothes, Will Travel

It’s at this time of the year that us folks living in cold climates start dreaming of a tropical vacation.

But if you haven’t spent much time in the tropics before, there are a few things that you should be prepared for as you embark on your journey to warmer temps.

What to Wear + How to Pack

Get yourself something more colorful and stylish that suits the mood of the tropics. Brightly colored suitcases are easier to identify on the baggage carousel at your destination, so will help to ensure that your luggage doesn’t go astray.

Be Careful in the Sun!

Wear light long dresses during the day until your legs are used to the sun. Cheap dresses and sarongs made of cotton fabrics are readily available in most tropical markets and are easy to wash and wear.

Be Ready with Bug Spray

Dengue fever is a risk in many tropical resort areas, and vaccinations against dengue have not yet been fully developed. Therefore it’s important to ensure that you apply insect repellent around dusk.

Make Reservations on Restaurants and Hotel Accomodation

Booking ahead of time will lessen the hassle for your trip. You may immediately be able to take a rest after a long flight when you make reservations on your hotel accommodation.

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