Trying Trends – Styling a Denim Skirt & Dress With Leggings + Boots for Winter

Have Clothes, Will Travel

I’m featuring another trend I had been hesitant to try. This time I’m trying out a denim skirt and denim dress with leggings and boots.

Denim skirts and denim dresses are items I, personally, have never loved. They are items that are a bit too popular, and I always had this “I must dress differently” mentality.

Styling a Denim Mini Skirt With Leggings + Boots for Winter

This paper bag style is a little different than what I typically see for denim skirts – so, I do like that! This denim material, though, is a little thinner than I expected. It’ll be extra comfortable in the summer, though, I suppose!

Verdict – Will I buy a denim skirt again?

Eh, never say never! I really didn’t mind wearing this denim skirt (other than it riding up). There really isn’t anything wrong with this style at all… I think if I do buy another denim skirt, though, I would get either a midi length or longer.

Styling a Denim Mini Dress With Leggings + Boots for Winter

this dress is just such an interesting cut, and it has a lot of unique details to it. I think this is one of those dresses too, that looks better in person. I enjoyed wearing it a lot more than I thought I would!

Styling this denim dress for winter

I followed the same formula for styling this dress as I did for the skirt just sans the scarf, as the neckline of this dress is too interesting not to show off. However, I think this dress would have looked better with ankle boots.

Mini shirt dress

Following the exact same outfit formula for the two mini dresses below to show just how versatile a good ole pair of black boots and leggings can be!

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