Ultimate Safari Packing List for Women & Men + Free Printable!

Have Clothes, Will Travel

You’ve done it, you’ve gone and booked your next adventure, an African safari, and it is sure to be an experience that you will remember for a lifetime.

Exotic animals, new foods, and experiencing a new culture. But wait…what should you pack for this amazing trip? Not to worry, because this is the ultimate safari packing list.

NIKE Duffel Bag

Your safari luggage should be soft-sided and not hard so that it can be tucked away in the cargo storage areas of the bush planes.

Safari Bottoms

You should have two pairs of pants on your African safari packing list. This will give you a pair to wear, while the other is being laundered.

Safari Shorts

You may prefer to wear safari shorts on your African safari, especially if you are visiting when it is extremely hot. If you wear bug spray and sunscreen, there’s really no reason you couldn’t wear shorts while on safari.

Safari Vest

You’re on safari and you are going to want to take lots of pictures, but you may not want to carry an extra backpack of gear with you. Take this safari vest with sixteen hidden pockets for all of your important stuff!

SCOTTeVEST Performance  T-shirt

This short-sleeved shirt is perfect for lounging at the lodge or for heading out on an afternoon game ride. There are a lot of hidden pockets in this short so you don’t have to worry about leaving anything behind or lugging extra gear.

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