What to Wear in  40-Degree Weather: Clothing Tips & Outfit Ideas

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Forty-degree temperatures can really vary in how they feel depending on where you are and what the weather outside is.

We’ve finally started to hit the 40-degree weather mark in Wisconsin, so it seemed like a good time to break out this post and share the best tips for dressing for 40-degree weather.

What Should I Wear for My Layers?

You can find long sleeve t-shirts, tanks, and cami’s in a huge selection of colors so you can always find something to match or coordinate with what you are planning to wear.

Bottoms to Wear in 40-Degree Weather

Pants are perfect for when the temps are in the 40s and they are so versatile you can create any look or vibe that you want. These trouser pants from Express are perfect for work.

Leggings or Tights

You can wear leggings or tights underneath any skirts or dresses that you might want to wear, and if it’s a particularly cold, damp, snowy, windy, or rainy day with temperatures in the 40-degree range you might even wear them under your pants.

Accessories to Wear in 40-degree Weather

Scarfs are an amazing way to accessorize your outfit, and they can help to keep you warm on a windy or wet day too! Also, hats are a great way to keep from losing body heat from the top of your head.

Outer Layers for 40-Degree Days

A light jacket or coat is generally the most appropriate outerwear for 40-degree temperatures. Here's my SCOTTeVEST jacket I used on the Inca Trail. It was in the 40s and windy here, but I had thick layers on and was working up a sweat!

Closed Toe Shoes

Boots, sneakers, or clogs with some nice thick socks are sure to keep your feet warm, dry, and comfortable! If you like to wear skirts or dresses even in 40-degree temperatures you might find that knee-high boots.

You can view the complete list of what to wear in 40-degree weather by clicking the link below.