What to Wear Under a Graduation Gown for Both Women & Men

Have Clothes, Will Travel

Your graduation day is fast approaching, but what are you supposed to wear under your graduation gown? This is a question that many soon-to-be high school and college graduates have and you will find your answers right here.

Dress for the Season

Make sure that the clothing under your cap and gown is seasonally appropriate. Graduation gowns can be quite warm, and many graduation ceremonies are held in the early summer.

Pick the Right Top

Because of the way that graduation gowns are cut, your top will show even with the hood (sash) so make sure that it is something appropriate.

Choose Your Bottoms Carefully

You need to select your bottoms carefully as well because depending on your choice, they will show beneath the hem of the gown.

Dress Considerations

Some high schools and universities prefer for the ladies to wear dresses underneath their graduation gowns. Many of them also specify that the dress needs to be either white or light color so that it doesn’t shine through the gown.


For men, closed-toe dress shoes are what you should wear. For the ladies, you should also opt for a closed-toe dress shoe, and you may want to avoid high heels.

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